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Trans friendly barbers in Galway?

  • 23-01-2022 12:00pm
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    Im looking to cut my hair, and I'm a trans guy. I have little experience with how to explain what I want done in 'barber terms', I'm pre-t, pre any surgeries, and very much not passing. I'm looking to find a barbers in galway, or a gender neutral hair dressers, that won't discriminate and where I won't have to deal with obvious judgement. Help?



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    I think in this day and age and with covid most of them will not turn away the business. I would urge you to have a chat with various barbers and see how you go. As far as I am aware barbers can refuse to cut a womans hair, but that is the legal persepective so not sure with trans guys myself (though might be worth contacting TENI). I would say you would be fine and if you do find a good one, put it up here :)

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    I believe it's actually not unusual or discouraged to create a new separate account for this particular forum so I'll take it at face value.

    I used to own barber shops & hair salons. A lot of barber shops won't cut womens hair. A barber is a person (male or female) that cuts mens hair. Lot's of beauty salons wont offer services to men in the same way.Most modern barbers, rather than doing a four years apprenticeship, pay for a six week course. It's a very basic course that produces barbers with very limited knowledge.

    I would suggest going to a unisex salon for the moment. Get the type of style you want before venturing into barber shops. I'm not well educated on the various terms so I'm not sure if you are a man or woman or more importantly in this case if you look like a man or woman. If you do get turned away from barber shops I'd suggest it's because they believe you to be a woman (they don't cut women's hair) rather than because you are trans