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how to call us number that cant accept international calls?

  • 21-01-2022 4:41pm
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    Father in Law in America can't accept international calls on his mobile. Does anyone know an app or service that could be used to contact him ? He uses a non smart flip phone and doesn't have email or facebook - not very up with tech LOL TIA


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    His phone is likely so backward it can't even instal that. He needs to get a new phone really.

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    Would something like Skype be an option for you? I've not tried it but it looks like it lets you get yurself a US Landline number. You could then use this via the Skype APP on your phone and I presume this will then mean he can accept your calls?

    This way there would be nothing for him to do other than answer your call.

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    Bit of an awkward way around this and.. i hope you have a smartphone at least!

    But anyway

    1. download TextNow App on Google play or App Store. Get a local to your in laws mobile number through the app. (There’s a small fee on IOS may not be on android but it’s €6.99 a month on apple)
    2. once you have a phone number from textnow, get a VPN and set to US. Download Google voice and sign in.
    3. you’ll need to add a phone number, Google voice only works in the US & Canada so this is where text now comes in. Get the verification code.
    4. now you’ve setup Google voice with a U.S. phone number, you SHOULD be able to call your uncle, for free, with Google voice despite the flip phone.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions !

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    I've never heard of a phone doing that, but I'd hazard a guess and say it's some miscellaneous setting on the phone.

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