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Japanese import to Ireland VIN number

  • 19-01-2022 9:51pm
    Registered Users Posts: 22 howyenow95

    Hi everyone, hope it's ok to post this here. This is kind of a long story so bear with me. I bought a second hand car last year from a second hand dealership. It's a nissan micra. Everything has been fine until a few weeks ago when my yellow check engine light came on. I brought it to a mechanic, he said he needs to do a diagnostic. For this he needs my vin number, I hand him a document that states my vin number but he said the number isn't long enough. My number is about 9 digits long but a vin is 17 digits, so he can't run the diagnostics. The car is an import, I'm not sure the country of origin, I think it might be Japan, but the vin numbers starts with K if that makes any difference. I should mention there is no number at all on the lower of the windshield, I mentioned this to a car enthusiast friend of mine and he seems very concerned for me. I rang the guy I got the car from and he seems really confused, and unsure what to do. He told me to bring it to a nissan dealership which I will, but I have talked to them on the phone and they also seem unsure what to do.

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to figure out my vin number? I am so lost, this is my first car and keep hitting dead ends, please help :(