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Driveway design

  • 16-01-2022 11:48pm
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    Looking to put in a tarmac driveway this upcoming year and trying to find some ideas for how to transition between the driveway and the ashfelt surface outside.

    I'll need to put in a drainage channel between the two pillars and I've seen where people have cemented in some paving bricks at the end.

    How do I find some ideas for this to see what it could look like? I've searched about but not found anything much.

    Would I be able to tarmac up to the drainage channel or is it best to have a small paved strip either side to shoulder the tarmac/ashfelt up to?



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    Your "tarmac driveway" is probably going to be made from asphalt not tarmac.

    If a drain is require on not depends on the area, driveway, road outside. If its needed, it can go straight into the asphalt on the boundary.

    Strips of paving, bricks, concrete make sense where there are existing similar margins or pavements. If you are exiting directly on to an existing asphalt road, I don't see the point. Really hard to give any real advice without seeing the existing driveway and ideally a plan.

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    Thanks for the reply. It will be a tarmac driveway as we have ruled out ashphalt for cost purposes. It was already planned that we would put a drainage channel across the exit in order to capture any water into a drain to prevent damage to the laneway. The driveway exits onto shared splayed entrance onto a shared laneway. This splayed entrance would be done in asphalt as it would be used by heavy vehicles and asphalt would stand up to the wear better than tarmac.

    I had thought of a drainage channel with cobblestones / Belgium blocks bogged down in cement/concrete either size. This would provide a good shoulder/haunch for the channel and also be a better delineation between the yard and Only problem is that the pillars are 19" wide - so would be difficult to get a channel and sufficient blocks either side within that width. The channels I've seen are mostly around 5" and blocks are normally 4".

    Is it normal for the cobblestones/blocks to only be the width of the pillar or can they straddle it going out by a further course or two?

    Any other options for this?

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    Bump - looking for some ideas so as to get this out for quotes.