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Stung for switching fee - 1 day difference

  • 14-01-2022 11:32am
    Registered Users Posts: 2,144 ✭✭✭ yankinlk

    Beware if you are joning another provider. SSE Airtricity are putting a 50 euro charge on my old account even though they sent me a "swithing letter" out. Would have been nice for EI to chnage on that date - but chalk it up to my stupidity.


  • I got caught before, switched to early. Both companies were happy to reverse the change and i saw out the last 14 days of my contract.

  • Same here, went a day too early via, presuming it would take a day or two to go through. Wrong.

    I did get the €50 penalties reversed though.

  • @unkel @poker--addict

    How did ye manage this - im getting stuck with a bunch of hoops at the moment. I asked EI to chnage the start date to the 14th instead of the 8th... but they are saying i have to cancel - wait 20 days and start all over the process. Did ye catch it really early or something different? or are they just being a PITA in my case?

  • Only caught it when EI sent a bill including the fine. Had only started maybe 2 days and they reversed it. Think cooling off period consumer rights applied.

  • Exact same here.

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  • OK thats what I thought - thanks both. I read somewhere what the providers are doing now - is wating for the cooling period to END then they start the switching process. :)

    So my action is to cancel at the new provider... and the old provider will revert. AS long as they dont "auto start" a new contrsact i think im good. But i might need ot wait 20 days to switch again.

    It would be so much easier if they added a "start date" to the switching. oh well

  • Yes indeed, that would be much better. Unfortunately they don't :-/

  • This whole thread has me confused. I thought if I sign for a years contract and then it ends. After that I'm out of contract but just keep on same rates therefore when switching its not a big deal once the 1 year contract is over as after that their is no breaking contract fee?

  • Hopefully that is correct. Im not saying it isnt either. I have seen the mobile phone companies do shady things like auto extend your contract if you call them for anything. change a service or update your tariff - and they start a new contract.

    will update when i fix this issue