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Gowan Distributors Ltd

  • 13-01-2022 11:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 702 ✭✭✭ GeneHunt

    You may know of Gowan Distributors on the Naas road, they have been the main importers and distributors of Peugeot (since 1969), Honda (since 1984), KIA, Opel (since 2019) and DS Automobiles (since 2020) in Ireland. Last April, Gowan Distributors were appointed the exclusive importer and distributor of Citroen in Ireland. In early December last, Gowan Distributors purchased FCA Ireland, so they are now importers and distributors of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Fiat Professional here too.

    This I believe is going to change the dealer network across the country in the coming years, So which dealerships should get more brands or which ones should loose there dealership?

    From what I can see (between google and the brand websites) Peugeot has 33, Citroen 29, Opel 35, Fiat 8, Alfa Romeo 4 and JEEP has 5. Please note some of these garages have more that one dealership currently, which could be Nissan, Ford, Suzuki or Volvo or any other brand.

    What surprised me is there is only 8 Fiat dealers in the whole of Ireland and 4 of those are Alfa Romeo and 5 are JEEP dealers too.

    List of car sales for Ireland in 2021 (

    • Peugeot (5,473)
    • Peugeot vans (2,848)
    • Opel (2,794)
    • Opel vans (2,120)
    • Citroen (851)
    • Citroen vans (1,811)
    • DS (37)
    • Fiat (208)
    • Fiat Professional (408)
    • Alfa Romeo (38)
    • Jeep (32)


  • I would say Peugeot garages gaining the addition of Jeep and Alfa-Romeo as their "premium" offering, Citroen will remain with their quasi premium DS brand along with the addition of Fiat with a heavy bias on the 500.

    Honda and Opel out on their own in a relative sense.

  • That makes no sense . Peugeot are doing so well they don't need other brands in their showrooms.

    Opel dealers which are quite big in size should take on fiat jeep and / or Citroën .

    Can't see alfa succeeding not matter what.

    Jeep did well for a no of years in Ireland and 4x4 and suvs are in vogue so they just need to target buyers more .

  • I find the dominance of some brands getting ever stronger and you'd have to wonder will the tide ever turn on that.

    If you look at Toyota/ VW/ Hyundai last year as a standalone brands they shifted almost as many units as the clatter of other stuff Gowans have. Would it be lucrative to operate 11 small brands and all the standards they require just to sell as many cars as Toyota last year?

  • Gowan import the vehicles but the majority of the dealerships are independently owned and run by franchise holders. Fiat, Alfa and Jeep are part of the same conglomerate, Stellantis , formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. I was unaware Gowan distribute Kia here, as you say. I thought the Sinnott group, who distribute Hyundai, did - Kia being a subsidiary of Hyundai.

  • The Gowan Group doesnt distribute Kia here - They have one dealership on the Navan Road.Thats as far as their partnership with Kia goes.

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  • Id say some of these brands will be gone in the future, A lot of them are using the same platforms / engines etc.

    I doubt Opel will last too long or Fiat/Alfa for that matter. Jeep will probably last due to the US market. Citroen will probably last aswell.

    I wouldnt even bet against "stellantis" becoming a super manufacturer and consolidating some of these brands into a Kia /Toyota / Hyundai /VAG competitor in the future.

    That list could become realistically only 3/4 brands left in a few years-Peugeot,Citroen, Jeep, Possibly Alfa as a premium brand.Maybe a single commercial badge since the Vivaro / Expert / Ducato / Relay(?) are basically the same vehicle - same as the combo / partner/ doblo / berlingo??

    Im not well up on Citroen Commercials so I could be using the wrong model names.

  • The strategy of producing one van with loads of different badges is working though, people are funny about brand loyalty. Like they’d buy a Proace but not an Expert.

    The Stellantis thing is very British Leyland at the moment (bar the strikes)

  • Your right, apologies for the confusion, KIA is not distributed by Gowan

  • I know the dealerships are independently owned, but does Gowan not have a say on where the franchise go?

  • Distributors pull the strings with dealers They say jump - dealer says how high? Dealers are desperate to hold onto franchises and as said opel are no longer a big seller so dealers will be happy to be able to sell other brands without upsetting the distributor.

    Stellantis products might not sell well here but they sell much better in other countries like the UK even considering the higher population

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  • Lots of French influence so I wouldn't rule out strikes when some degree of consolidation is eventually proposed.

  • I doubt Opel will last too long or Fiat/Alfa for that matter. Jeep will probably last due to the US market. Citroen will probably last aswell.

    I disagree. Opel are just getting better now and I think they will still be around. Fiat and Alfa might asxwell be gone from here but they are doing well in other markets so they will not disappear either just from here maybe. I see Jeep going from here too unless they up there advertising as no one is buying them.

  • People are saying Opel is on the way out (which is a fair assumption given the line up the past few years) but wasn’t Peugeot in the doldrums a few years back and look at them now. Opel was only acquired a few years back by psv or whatever they are called now. There are high expectations for the next few models to be released.

  • Does another know if Gowan has the Maserati franchise too as part of this buyout of FAI Ireland, as I have googled it, but it's not mentioned in any articles that I have found?