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Smart Electricity Meter



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    If you have a smart meter do you have any way of knowing when a new 15 minute import/export measuring period starts?

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    The whitepapers on feed in tariffs include a proposal to not do feed in tariffs for cutomers who reject smart meters (as distinct from those who have not yet been offered them), naturally I can't find the link right now

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    Hi Folks,

    I just got approval from ESB for solar but they want to change our the meter, however I think it's better to keep the old.

    My meter is going backwards during the day. It charges my batteries, heats hot water and the excess turns my meter backwards. Win win. Plus, my battery is supplementing the night time rate. Presently I am in credit about 500 units (day time)

    I believe we will all be forced onto smart meter by 2024, but if I hold out and don't install my return on investment will be excellent.

    So in a nutshell, can I refuse this new smart install, is it a illegal to refuse or is there documentation anywhere stating they cannot force me. Currently with Electric Ireland.

    Thanks all for your time


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    You of course can refuse the smart meter, but will disqualify you for a feed in tariff.

    They may still change your backwards turning meter with a standard, digital, 24 hr meter though so that's the worst of both worlds.

    They own the meter, not you.

    You could look into getting a day/night meter, you will still get the deemed FIT with that, and they currently aren't putting smart meters in for anyone on a day night tariff.

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    To be honest, in my opinion....units produced is better for the customer rather than feed in tarrif. I believe the offering from Energy suppliers for a unit we generate is measly in comparison to the price we pay for a unit of electricity they produce. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Is it KN Networks installing smart meters.???

    Anyone else here have the same question or same scenario???

    Thanks again folks

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    a lot of people who were in your position, kept the metter, but added a few units every month so they were never in the negative. The hope was that it might get overlooked. BUt to expect to hold on to that old style meter at this stage - is probably a no hope strategy.

    Id move to a Day/Night meter - ring the ESB and try and get them to schedule it. It might not be too late. ALterniatviely you could chain yourself to the old meter and wait it out. either way be sure to let us know the result!