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Can anyone explain isolation rules?

  • 04-01-2022 11:27am
    Registered Users Posts: 18 imme62

    Hi. Wonder if anyone can advise me. Son was in close contact for about 10 mins with a schoolfriend on night of 26th Dec. Next morning, this schoolfriend texted son to say he had just tested positive on antigen test. Son started doing daily tests himself, which were all negative til 31st December. On 31/12 his antigen test showed positive, and he began self isolating. He has had no symptoms til yesterday, when he began complaining of a headache but was otherwise fine. Think he is still asleep today! Thing is, we havent been able to get a pcr test, despite trying since new years eve. We have finally got one for tomorrow. Im really mixed up about the rules. Firstly, he got his booster on 23rd december, so that was under 7 days since he met up with his friend, but over 7 days since his positve antigen test. Tomorrow, when he goes for his pcr, he will have done 5 days isolation. Should he do 5 or 10 days of that? Should he go back into isolation after? If pcr comes back positive will he need to do another 5 or 10 days? Gosh he could end up doing a fortnight or more! This isolation has been tough on him, im starting to wonder should i just let him out of his room and have the rest of us take our chances or what? Its bound to come back into the house once his siblings go back to school - if they do - i dont even know what we do about that either. When can the rest of us leave the house? Perhaps its just me, but i really am finding it very difficult to follow the latest rules. Yes theyve had a booster, but from what date to i calculate the 7 days? Sorry if im asking the obvious , but would be grateful if anyone has any idea! Thanks for reading.