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Covid and pregnant women

  • 23-12-2021 9:54am
    Registered Users Posts: 7,568 ✭✭✭ tom1ie

    Hi all,

    just want to make people aware in case they missed it.

    If a pregnant woman contracts covid, even if they are doubly vaccinated, they should contact the maternity hospital they are dealing with to let them know.

    My wife is doubly vaccinated and got covid approx 4 weeks ago. She was sick with it-like a bad flu coupled with laboured breathing.

    We informed the GP and contact tracing called her. My wife informed contact tracing she was 6 months pregnant and asked was there anything else she needed to do, she was told, “no- only contact the hospital/GP if symptoms get worse.”

    We all got through our 3 weeks of isolating, and my wife had an appointment in the maternity hospital yesterday.

    When she explained she had covid 3-4 weeks prior, the midwife asked why she hadn’t contacted the hospital as she was at risk of developing blood clots.

    She now has to take self administered anticoagulant injections for the next four weeks and has to go to hospital once a week for check ups.

    She also had to undergo ctg (I think that’s what it’s called) scans to check baba is ok.

    Both my wife and the baby now have a clean bill of health thankfully.

    Im pretty annoyed both contact tracing and the GP didn’t explain we need to contact the maternity hospital to tell them my wife got covid, and therefore needs to be taking the anticoagulants.

    There are no signs up in the hospital about this.

    three weeks ago there was nothing about this on the Hse website (that we could see, we may have missed it as we were wrecked from covid!). It’s up there on the website now though.

    Anyway just wanted to post this as it may inform someone else that didn’t know and potentially avoid a serious situation.

    Happy Christmas all.