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attic space in apartment

  • 15-12-2021 7:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 user4545

    We are tyring to buy an apartment in Dublin. Apartment has converted attic space. Our solicitor asked following question to aparment's owner solicitor

    We are instructed that the attic has been converted to create a storage space and would be obliged if you would confirm that the attic conversion forms part of the original construction and if you would request a letter from Mr.X confirming that the attic conversion was authorised by Planning Permission Register Ref. XXXX, that it complies with the said Planning Permission and with Building Regulations and that it is included in the demise (see para. 5, Part 2 of draft Lease). In this regard, we note that the map of the demised premises does not appear to include the attic space. This may require amending.

    and this is their answer

    The occupiers have had the use of the attic space in the past but it doesn’t form part of the property purchased by your client. (very half arsed answer imo)

    We will ask our solicitor about this tomorrow but I was wondering have anybody here has apartment with attic space and have they seen something similar in their contract??

    I am going to put paraghaph 5 part 2 of the lease which is mentioned above to give more context

    the ceiling finish of the sold premises including all suspdended ceelings and light fitting save that the upper limit of the sold premises shall not extend to anything above the level of the ceiling finished except that the cavity above any suspended ceilins shall be included

    Thanks in advance