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Training Juveniles

  • 08-12-2021 3:50pm
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    Hi I help with training Juveniles u 11 & U 15 for cross country.I would like to know what type of training others are doing as we feel when we go to cross they are back the mid field and seem to run out of energy. At the moment we train two nights start and midweek in a flat field the first night warm up exercises static exercises then 2 slow laps of 300 mtr approx and then some high knees,heel flicks,strides all by 4 over maybe 30 mtrs up and down. We then do intervals 200mtr x 4 with 200 recovery and then 3 minute break and then we repeat and on the second night we do 1 min fast 1 min slow,2 min fast etc up to 4 min and then back down. All doing it at their own pace as different ages.

    Is this enough as we find that when they go to cross country they are will back the field as if they run out of energy.


  • Registered Users Posts: 5,277 ✭✭✭Sunny Dayz

    Do you do any hill work with them on grass?

    Do you do any continuous running with them (ie no intervals or rest periods), either a set time or distance? Intervals are good for working on speed. But cross country requires as much endurance, especially in muddy conditions which tire the body and the legs out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,207 ✭✭✭Wottle

    I was lucky enough to have the same group, mainly girls from when they were 7 to u15s. The last couple of years I had them they were 3rd & 2nd in the All Ire team xc champs. They'd be u19s now and only 1 of them still running to a high level, has had an Irish vest.

    They would have trained 3/4 times a week at u15s, Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun.

    Below is not aimed at u11s.

    Tue would be a 5k steady run, dynamic warm up and strides plus core work after.

    Thur 5k easy with again few strides and core after.

    Sat, they would do about 8k, this would include a good warm up and then they'd go into 1 mile steady on a hilly grass course with roughly 5 min jog recovery between efforts, some of the kids who aren't as strong, would take a standing recovery until the group swings by again and then they'd repeat the effort.

    The last session on the build up to nationals would be 3x1 mile on the grass, hilly course.

    Sunday, for those who turned up (which was most) would be a 5k easy run.

    The core work was optional with the overall head coach, he would normally coach u16s up, so it was a nice way for the teens to get to know him.

    Also we warmed up in a hall and I'd bring dodgeballs or they'd take out the football or basketball and the head coach would also have a few games at the end of Tue/Thur session.

    Its also a case of building up to these sessions.

  • Registered Users Posts: 25 volkswagon1973

    Hi Thanks Sunny Dayz for your advice.We did some hill work for a few weeks but then the evenings closed in.What would suggest as continuous running that would be suitable.

    Thanks Wottle firstly congrats on team achievements would love for that to happen.Thanks for giving your insight into your plan.What core work did you do and duration.How long where your training sessions.

  • Registered Users Posts: 25 volkswagon1973

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,207 ✭✭✭Wottle

    The core work was done by the lead coach, it was more of an introduction, nothing hardcore, planks, bridges, shoulder taps, band work and very light dumbbells. It was done as a circuit, included some flexibility work too.

    Training would be 60 to 90 minutes, lots of that is the kids getting ready in their own time, some would head at the hour mark or when their parent was ready to go. Core work at the end was never compulsory but lots would jump in.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 933 ✭✭✭jamule

    For cross country we start the first week in sept, Tues/thurs and saturday and an extra run on sunday from oct

    tuesday be faster stuff on the track , 400,300,200,100 by 3 and build it up over the weeks.

    thursday is 20mins at a faster pace every 2 weeks, this is on a flat grass track and then every week from oct except before a race. the other week would be steps or hills, they would be doing these throughout the year also.

    saturday would be more fast stuff but a lot less, followed with strenght workout for 30mins. Other times of the year we would throw a few of them into the sprint group and let them do some field events.

    Sunday would be a 25-30min run, bring them around some fields and a few hills.

    All are done with 15-20mins warm up/plyo/dynamics etc etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 424 ✭✭joe35

    How long do clubs take off for Christmas. We finished Tuesday the 14th and back to training on Tuesday 4th of January.

    We also take 2 weeks off in the summer just. We seem to be training all the time