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  • 08-12-2021 9:32am
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    Just got a new laptop can anyone suggest a good free anti virus software. I use it for work so it’s my life line

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    Wrong forum, but the built-in Microsoft Security Essentials (SE) in Windows is very good. I used to use AVG before switching to SE.

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    Aye, wrong forum, but MSE isn’t available for Windows 10 (Windows 11 if it’s a spanky new laptop the OP has). The built-in antivirus in Windows is now called Defender, definitely sufficient for home use.

    Work laptop though I wouldn’t use a free AV solution, I use Webroot AV - small footprint, unobtrusive, it’s basically everything Norton isn’t 😂

    If it has to be free though OP, I’d go with Malwarebytes.

    Unless it’s a Mac, then I have no idea as I’ve rarely had cause to use one.

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    @OP The free built in anti-virus in Windows 10/11 (Windows Defender) is very good. In independent tests it consistently achieves results as good as other free and paid alternatives. For example, see here: If you stay away from dodgy sites and don't click on links in mails you should be ok.

    Having said this, if you are interacting with companies/clients online, check that they don't require that you use a specific product. If you work for a company with an IT department check with them for guidance.

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    Is AVG free edition still any use?

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    Built in Windows Defender and common sense are all you need

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    use the microsoft one instead - it uses less cpu, is just as good in the anti-virus role and won't be constantly trying to get you to upgrade.