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Regeneron Great Limerick Run 2022

  • 29-11-2021 10:31am
    Registered Users Posts: 7,793 ✭✭✭ brevity

    Signed up for the half marathon today. 10% discount with code CYBER22.

    I have done a few 10k runs but never a half marathon so will be an interesting experience to say the least.


  • Switched my half marathon entry (from 2020) to the marathon. Hopefully it goes ahead. January could look like the apocalypse the way things are going.

  • Signed up for the half. Any one know what course is like??

  • Some drags, lumps and bumps. .nothing really bad til roughly 10 or 11 miles when you have to head back up the gaelic grounds direction back into town. That section will knock the stuffing out of you if you've overdone it earlier. It's not a course I'd consider flat I'll put it to you that way.

  • That’s basically it. A drag around 8km. Another one around 10 to 11km coming back into city. Then it’s really the around gaelic ground. If struggling it’ll kill you but if not you’ll fly by loads of people and take off. Last mile is a fast finish as pretty much downhill all the way. What’s not downhill adrenaline will get you home.

    Plenty of water stops also

  • On the plus side its very well supported in town. Although I do have a little bit of a bug bear with the lack of support in some of the estates on the raheen and North circular sides. I really wish more of the run was spent in the city but its a very "cost effective" race. Understandable that they wouldn't want city roads shut all day.

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  • Is the 6 mile route relatively flat?

  • Nope! Big climbs around mile 4. Other than that it's OK.its the last 6 miles of the half and full

  • Code FIT22 for 10% off if anyone is signing up

  • I'm planning on running a marathon on May Bank holiday so either Belfast or Limerick. I haven't done either before, what would anyone that has done them recommend?


  • Contemplating this. What is the marathon route like?

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  • Hmm tricky one to answer.

    Its not Berlin flat but not Dingle hilly either.

    Starts in town, heads out towards the UL direction. Back into town along the riverbank from UL. Then out towards Raheen, little loop in Raheen and back into town. Then out North Circular road, down Ennis road past GAA grounds, loop around and back up towards town for the finish. None of that will mean anything to you if you dont know Limerick.

    So...........there are some drags and pulls. The worst hills are probably coming up onto O'Connell avenue and back in towards town. Thats a short enough one though. The worst one is coming back up past GAA grounds at mile 24/25. Thats tough.

    There are parts of the route I like especially passing through town and then there are parts I hate. Through housing estates quite a bit and the support can be hit and miss in places.

    I'm biased but overall I think its one thats worth doing and they build Riverfest around it so there's a great buzz around. Now, God knows what will happen with Covid and Riverfest but in non Covid times its a definite plus.

    There will be a decent crowd running it. A major negative for some people might be the fact that the half marathon and 6 miler link up with it so if youre a bit back in the marathon field you might have a lot of half marathoners and 6 milers whizzing by.

  • I like the Limerick marathon I’ve done it a few times and have run some of my better times at it.

    The route brings you out around some quiet, strange places and if you’re looking for a Dublin marathon experience from a support/atmosphere perspective then jog on.

    You can also get caught up with the half marathon guys and sometimes that can cause issues. Decent support in the city centre and I thought the provision stops were good.

    I'd happily do it again if the body allowed


  • Thanks @Swashbuckler & @ThebitterLemon. The bigger question seems to be if I want to do a marathon at all this year, Limerick seems like a no brainer if I do. P I have close family living very close King John's castle and in Dooradoyle so I have some familiarity with the city but I haven't run the streets as such. But it sounds like a fair course. Amsterdam was similar, the HM anyhow, went through some pretty lonely industrial estates. There is no where like Dublin for the support/crowds but that's not necessarily everything.

  • I was actually thinking the same. You can't get Dublin's atmosphere anywhere else in Ireland.

    Yeah thats the bigger thing really - do you want to do one in the first half of the year. This is probably more for your log but I guess it also depends whether you hope to do DCM this year. Then its really a question of do you want two back to back marathon blocks in one year (three technically seeing as you did Galway). There's a balance between whats best for your running and what will keep you motivated and enthusiastic and to be honest, I think what motivates you and keeps you out running is far more important than whats the best thing to do from a running/phasing perspective. Logic would say its good to work on 5k/10k speed between marathon blocks but logic is no good if you're not excited by it.

  • Looked at the 2019 results/splits and alot of cheating taking place.

    Boys running nearly 3 miles in ten minutes.

    Faster splits at the end than Sergiu Ciobanu, who has represented ireland and ran in the european championships.

    That was enough for me.

    S**** organisation if you can literally spot the crap from the results page.

    If you ran a pb on this course would anyone believe you?

  • I paced 4 hours that year. Some of the timing mats were in the wrong spots. The 14.5 and 23.5 should be ignored in those results.

  • Funny how 99% of runners splits are fine and look reasonable with the a handful of runners running world class at the end.

    You can protest all ye want.

    Doesnt add up 🤣🤣.

    Would hate to have a pb on that course as people would forever query it.

  • Seems a bit extreme no? I dont fully get your rationale that people would query a PB on that course - its more a reflection of someones character if people dont believe they ran a genuine marathon rather than a reflection on the organisers.

    People have cheated for years - even on the great majors - doesnt mean the organisation was sh*te. Limerick is actually a fairly well run event - had its teething problems years back and probably do a few things I dont necessarily like but all in all its very well run.

  • I'd forgotten about this but seems I'm entered from two years ago, guess I'd better do a bit of training :)

  • I ran it in '18 and a couple of the timing mats were way off, but I think you're talking about lads cutting the course and missing mats? How many did you notice that it would put you off running the event!? Every marathon I've ran has opportunities to cut the course, Dublin, Berlin, Rotterdam...wherever. I'm not sure what organisers can do about this? If a runner wants to cut the course they will find that opportunity and I'm sure many do in all bigger marathons. I enjoy when the guy catches people out, but I'm sure most cheaters aren't involved in the pointier end of things and probably get away with it and only have their own consciences to deal with 😛 Most years there's a few runners that get rumbled on the DCM thread. Does anyone know of a runner getting banned from DCM (or any other marathon) for blatantly cutting the course?

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  • It's bad when you can literally see it in about a minute of looking at official results.

    My wife noticed it when I said I might run it, we we're looking at results and she doesnt even race. In fairness she's an accountant so she's looking for anomalies in data everyday. It stands out a mile when pointed out. I don't need to point it out further unless your blind.

    I find the smaller marathons are amateur. It'll probably fold in a few years like most smaller marathons. You need big numbers to make it worth your while organising stewarts for 26.2 miles.