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Being called sweet - does it mean the person thinks nothing of you

  • 28-11-2021 1:18am
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    I've been called sweet with different people. With those people they don't seem close to me or feel warm to me. I am wondering when others call people sweet, is it the same as saying 'nice' - it kind of means nothing, the other person views them as bland.

    Might seem odd that I'm thinking about this and a person might say take it as a compliment, it's hard to see what it means or even if it truly is a good thing,


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    In New Zealand, 'Sweet' is used as an indication that someone is pleased with something in the same way that we say 'Ok' or 'that's fine'. But don't think they use it to describe someone.

    In America, the version 'sweetie' is used as a term of endearment often casually between service staff and customers.

    To call someone nice, doesn't indicate bland in my view, it means that someone thinks that person is pleasant and definitely not someone to be avoided.

    Maybe in some places it is used as a noun as in, 'that person is a sweet' in which case I think it is the same as being described as nice and if I were you I'd just take it as a compliment.

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    I would say yes, it would mean someone especially nice. Like helping people out with no obvious benefit to themselves.

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    I am a foreigner but for me nice is often used, when you really can't find anything special about someone, who is generally a positive person. So I would agree, kind of bland. But to be called sweet it would mean, that you are really nice, that it is your really strong characteristic.

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    'Sweet' is definitely a step up from 'nice'.

    Nice is just a euphemistic way of saying "entirely uninteresting and absolutely forgettable."

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,480 ✭✭✭YellowLead

    It depends on the context. I’m a dating context I think it would mean the same as nice, and probably that they saw you as more of a friend type thing.

    I often use the word sweet to describe a behaviour (of a friend or acquaintance) rather than say a person was sweet in general - like ‘oh you’re so sweet’ in response to a kind gesture.

    I think without the contexts of the who and the when it’s very hard to judge.

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    In general, a positive term.

    If somebody you fancy is describing you as sweet, then not such a positive sign in terms of them fancying you back, in my opinion.

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    In Yorkshire it was petal or flower....