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Possible to bring a rented van to Spain?

  • 26-11-2021 5:23pm
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    I want to rent a van in march for 11 days and bring it on the ferry to Spain. I have rang a few companies but they don’t allow you to take it out of the country. Does anyone know if it is possible to rent a van in Galway and bring it abroad for 11 days?


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    Looked into this briefly before, didn't find any options.

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    Too big a risk for the rental companies. They won't entertain you.

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    How much would you be willing to pay for rental for 11 days? If you have the funds, one option might be to buy a reasonably priced second hand van, use for the trip then sell for what you paid minus what you're willing to pay for rental. The van's value will not have dropped much so it'll be a better deal for someone at the reduced price that'll likely be below market price and hopefully sell fairly quickly.

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    not going to get a rental option imo

    do insurance companies still allow for people to be temporarily added to insurance - I know that it was possible - so find someone with a van and try to do a deal with them - put a wanted ad up etc - ring your insurance company first to see if you can even get third party on it - or might have to go through other person's insurance

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    Wouldn't it be far more efficient to rent the van in Spain? By renting it here and sailing you are effectively paying for 4 days where it will be tied up on the boat.

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    I'm assuming (s)he wants to bring bulky stuff back home (or away, or both) in it.

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    Me and a few friends rented a van in Galway from a place near the docks. We drove it to France / Italy for a month. I didn’t actually rent the van myself I just paid my share but I was insured on it and they knew we were taking it to France and Italy. This was 6 or 7 years ago. The company was as far as I remember.

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    Wow that's a good find!

    "Can I bring the vehicle abroad? Yes you certainly can. We frequently organise uk & continental hire."

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    Yeah they were pretty easy going from what I remember. We told them we were going to put a massive roof rack on it as well and they fine with it.

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    fair dues.

    not usually a goer

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    Thanks for all the replies. I just rang them and they are not doing foreign rentals due to Covid.

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    Sure just say nothing and chance it,what's the worse that could happen?

    Edit: disclaimer actual joke post, do not do this op.

    Post edited by milehip on

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    That's a pity. I thought this was a problem solved scenario.

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    Helps if you have a sense of humour and enough intelligence to spot a flippant remark from serious one, apologies if I've offended 2 posters here without either.

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    A few years ago I wanted to move a load of stuff including two cats from Czech Republic to here. Other options were proving too expensive. Rented a van, hired my cousin, a qualified truck driver to drive it, booked the ferry.

    Phone call from the ferry company: Can you tell us the registration number of the vehicle please?

    Me: Sure, I'll ring you back with it.

    Me, rings the rental company: Hi, ive booked a van I plan to rent for a week, I'm picking it up tomorrow. Can I get the reg number for it?

    Van Rental company: Sure, give me one moment.

    <If I'd not said this next one line things would have been fine>

    Me: Thanks, I just need it for the ferry.

    Van Rental company: Ferry? What ferry? Are you taking the van out of Ireland?

    Me: Well...

    Van Rental company: We don't allow our vans outside of Ireland. Because I think you are planning to do that I am now cancelling your reservation. You will receive a full refund.

    Me: Feck.

    Long story short, no, it's not possible. Unless you can beg, borrow or steal a van, you can't rent one to bring on the continent.

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    I cannot help with your query... if you get sorted and have any space on return trip send me a message... i be happy to pay...

    I assume you want stuff brought over... if you know anyone has a good van just do a private deal and use your own insurance... i do not want the bother of driving the two trips...

    I remember once asking to bring a hire car from Spain to Morocco... i said to the guy... why you not let me bring car to Morocco... reply because it likely not come back...

    good luck...

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    These guys allow travelling abroad ( Spain included) in their terms and conditions . Give them a call.

    Travelling abroad The Overseas Charge is applicable to all customers travelling to the countries below and is charged at each location. The Overseas Charge is payable on collection of the vehicle and you will be advised on the amount at the time of making your booking The Overseas Charge is applied for the provision of the VE103B document and the European Travel Document, if appropriate, and European Motoring Assistance and recovery.  If you intend to travel abroad you will need to advise the rental location giving a minimum of 24 hours notice. Austria (A) Belgium (B) Denmark (DK) Finland (FIN) France (F) Germany (D)  Greece (GR) Hungary (H) Italy (I) Luxembourg (L) Netherlands (NL)  Norway (N) Poland (PL)  Portugal (P) Spain (E)  Sweden (S)  Switzerland (CH) 

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    it’s all to do with insurance companies and risk assessment and retrieval of vehicle in case of incapacitation of driver etc. I don’t know what the current situation is, but, eg, in 1990s and early 2000s German car hirers would under no circumstances allow rental cars to be brought into Poland where driving standards were much lower and risk much higher. Insurance companies would look at the country being traversed of highest risk when making a risk assessment. To attempt to hire a vehicle out of the terms of insurance means that in the event of an accident your insurance would be good. When hiring a vehicle it’s not a matter of “getting away with it”. Even bringing a hired car from Northern Ireland to ROI and vice versa can be an issue if you don’t check the terms.

    Can I get away with anything if I pay the piper, so to speak?

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    it may not be suitable but you can hire vans in Northern Ireland and take them out of the U.K. for an additional fee. I did this during the summer from belfast to Galway and the additional fee was the same if I was to bring it to the continent

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    Long story short, no, it's not possible. Unless you can beg, borrow or steal a van, you can't rent one to bring on the continent.

    Cute statement- but buying one is probably a better option!

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    well you are the only one who thought it was funny , go figure

  • Registered Users Posts: 733 ✭✭✭milehip

    So what? I already hashed this out with the only other poster here who took exception.