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Tennents Lager

  • 26-11-2021 1:21pm

    Can't find Tennents (my fav lager) anywhere in stores in Sligo and it was previously available in most places! Is it a Brexit related stock issue? Thought C&C distributed it here.


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    C&C actually own it. However I suspect they have replaced a lot of its ROI distribution with Budweiser since taking that contract.

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    Backwards Man probably has it all drank. Would explain why he hadn’t been posting these last few years..,

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    Still listed on SuperValu's website.

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    I know O'briens carry it usually for a euro a can. Fond of it too since my student days in Edinburgh

  • Was in Dunnes earlier and they have loads of it , 6 packs for €6.35. wonder why the other stores can’t have it!

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    Tesco sometimes have it. Usually close to €1 a can. Cant say I’ve seen it in the last month or so though as I’m never looking out for it.

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    contact your local Vincenzo De Paul?

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    I wondered how long before a snooty comment would appear 🤔

    Download Brave browser, it gets rid of the ads. #saveboards

  • Aye, we‘re not all craft beer snoots!

  • Tesco in Enniskillen has loads but Asda beside it was out of stock!

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    Do they still put pictures of women on the side of the can? I always thought it a very strange, sexist form of marketing!

  • Not any more! That was back at the time of Page 3 and such!

  • Still very scarce in stores here (ROI)

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    I'd imagine MUP makes it a hard sell.

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