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Public or private referral waiting times


  • Well it depends what department but I've type 1 diabetes and I stopped going to the consultant a few years back, I just got my bloods tested by my GP. But now I need to go back to the consultant as I have an underactive thyroid with a long time and I'm fed up of it, so I need the expertise of a consultant. I used to go to the Mater Public and when I rang them waiting was between 6 months to a year!! I rang private and they couldn't give me a timeframe until I sent over all my files from public! I was diagnosed in Waterford and was seeing a consultant there private so I called him and he could see me within the week, I'm seeing him Monday coming. So yes Waterford private is a very short time waiting but that's with the Endocrinologist. Depends who you are seeing and what the issue is, but USUALLY private is quicker than public.

  • Glad you're getting seen quick Slick666 and all the best. I got a call from the clinic this morning just checking details. I asked the question if I'd get seen quicker privately. She didn't know as they're a pubic only clinic. The GP asked for an urgent referral that pre covid would be within the fortnight but now looks like 6 weeks, but who knows. Guess I'd have to go back to my GP and ask him for a private referral, let the two run and see which ones comes in first.

  • Lol.....they're not a pubic only clinic.....I meant public 😊