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    I have sat dish set up for astra 19.2 and 28. Now all I get on screen is the station name followed by "no signal". no matter what station I want. . I cannot see any breaks in cable and connections seem ok. I have 2 seperate LNBs, 1 for uk stations (19.2) and 1 for continental etc. Any suggestions? The set up is ca. 9 years working perfectly.


  • UK stations are on 28.2, not 19.2 as you mention in your post.

    You mention 2 separate lnbs? Are you combining these via a diseqc switch? Check that your port assignment in the switch set up is correct.

  • If both LNB's are not performing that suggests the dish might be slightly out of alignment - barring a fault in the receiver.

  • Sorry for mixiing up 19 and 28 functions but my point is the neither are working. It would be simple if one or the other were not functioning. Then the solution would be to put in a new LNB. they both feed into 1 cable so i guess this means the problem is elsewhere. Diseqc switch?? What should I look for. Trouble is I am not very technical and the system has worked so well for so long. Thanks for your replies. I will look further.

  • If both LNBs feed into 1 cable then there is a diseqc switch. Usually this is located in a weatherproof box behind the dish.

    Has anything been changed on your system? Have you changed your receiver? Reset your settings? Moved anything?