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Domestic Solar PV Quotes 2022 - No PM requests - See Mod note post #1



  • Registered Users Posts: 2,445 ✭✭✭ A2LUE42

    Just got a quote for this setup in East Clare.

    7.0 kw solar pv system

    17 x 415 watt Jinko panels

    Van Der Valk mounting system

    6kw Solis hybrid inverter

    5kw Pure drive battery

    Eddi Hot water diverter

    BER included

    Cherry picker

    All associated electrics

    Fully installed and commissioned

    €15,400 inc vat (Grant of €2400 to come off the total, so €13.000 )

    The estimated production per year is 6,157kwh

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,915 ✭✭✭ con747

    Here is a link to input your quote and see if it's competitive. Bottom line though is try get it a bit cheaper. Haggle.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,071 ✭✭✭✭ banie01

    Quoting myself here for a little visibility if anyone wants to see what's my final layout and price.

    Rather than put N facing panels on the back of my house. I've gotten the installer to spec the job with the 2nd string installed on the outbuilding roof and fed back to hybrid inverter in the house.

    The shed is in use as a Mancave/Utility room and the height offered by it being on the top level of a split level garden falling towards the house means even with low winter sun it is unshaded. The cable run from the Shed back to where the inverter will be is less than 25mtrs so voltage loss won't be much of an issue.

    It's 1300 more than going with 2 fewer panels and all panels on main roof. But I am hoping to be able to get 9 on the main roof rather than 7 and it's quite a bit more work than just doing 1 roof.

  • Registered Users Posts: 770 ✭✭✭ DC999

    Good outcome - fair play to you pushing to get a design that suited

  • Registered Users Posts: 3 SolarVirgin

    Hi All,

    Complete novice here. House is approx 2,800 sq ft single story. Mix of flat and hipped rooves. Proposed location is flat roof facing south. Dunno if it will take full number of panels or if some would go on the west facing roof. ESB usage is very high - between 7.5 and 9.5 annually.

    Quote below, advice appreciated.

    Description of Goods and Services Quantity Remarks Modules- 400w JA Mono panels with 25-year efficiency warranty and 12-year manufacturer’s warranty

    16 x 400w JA panels

    Monocrystalline =

    6.4kwp system

    Inverter –Solis 6kw hybrid 1x 6kw Solis inverter

    with wifi dongle

    Mounting Kit- Renosol roof mount As Required Tubs required for flat roof

    Check Meter- 1x check meter

    All required Electrical Work 1x DC ISOLATOR


    1x Fireman switch

    Batteries- Dyness 1 x 5.1kw Dyness battery

    Solar Switch- for heating hot water

    through the solar panels with surplus

    power 1 x Eddi

    Customer to get own BER post

    Grand Total (including VAT) €14,300.00

    Installer will claim the SEAI grant.€2,400.00

    Deposit €4,000.00

    Balance €7,900.00


    Is this price ok?

    Do I need a battery - I thought current view was no?

    Should I get a bigger system?

    Rep of Solar as a service (ruled out due to cost) told me we are capped at 15 panels on our electrical connection would need to change to 3 phase from 1 phase if we went above. Is this the case? Is there much involved and is it a good idea?

    Any comments gratefully received.


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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,915 ✭✭✭ con747

    Put your info into this It is a bit overpriced though but not way off. Not sure what the Rep was saying but sounds like BS. Get as many panels as you can afford in my opinion.

    @Jonathan Maybe add the calculator to the FAQ sticky?

  • Registered Users Posts: 302 ✭✭ HotSwap

    Are you saying you spend 700-800 a month on just electricity? What about heating?

    Do you have a hot tub / swimming pool? Just trying to understand where all the energy is going.

    Do you have any land out back? Ground mount might be an option.

    I think you need a bigger system.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3 SolarVirgin

    I pay approx 70euro a week on a PAYG meter in Winter and I would have paid less in the summer but we had two electric showers and have recently changed to pumped for one (second needs to be replaced) and this is being heated by timed immersion . My heating is kerosene (no natural gas in area).

    ESB in 2022 was 8587kwh. The rate I pay now is .411 per unit. Tumble dryer at least daily is one use. Apart from that there's nothing obvious in terms of usage. Generally it's a 4 person household.

    I'm open to a bigger system - maybe I could swap out the battery for additional panels.

    Questions I still have are: Do I need a battery? I thought that was not necessarily advised due to the sell back rate etc.? Is the MySolar guy wrong on the 1 phase / 3 phase issue for bigger systems.


  • Registered Users Posts: 116 ✭✭ freddy99

    I have received a quote including a Renac inverter and Bisol 400w panels.

    Could anyone advise me how the Renac inverter compares with Solis? Any info on compatibility with Home Assistant?

    How do Bisol compare with Jinko N?

    Thank you

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,580 ✭✭✭ graememk

    Grid Limits:

    Generally the NC6 limits to a 6kW Inverter, you can have more than 6kW of panels on it, (the limit is about 9kwp now,) The inverter wont ever produce more than 6, the top of the curve would be "clipped", But generally not a huge amount is lost, and more than makes up for it on the less than perfect days.

    Installers generally wont go past the 6kW of inverters, as it makes life easier.

    There are some thats limiting export and such, but that is still a grey area

    There is an NC7 form (costs about 1000ish) which would officially let you export more than 6kw but most of the time its not worth it.

    Feed in Tariffs:

    Yes people are starting to get paid for export now, and its pretty decent. But if going no battery, you'll need a smart meter. otherwise you'll just get the deemed export. Batteries are expensive, but really nice to have. I'm still struggling to recommend them now with the feed in tariffs.


    You have an immersion running your hot water tank on a timer. And you have oil heating. Could the oil heating heat the water in the tank vs using electric at 41c. Oil at €1.30 a litre is about 3x cheaper than running the immersion.

    Would time of use/Day nightmeter (will be bill pay though) be suitable

    (also have no idea how FIT works with PAYG meters!)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 538 ✭✭✭ tonysopprano

    Panel costs. This is the public counter cost of a 455W Panel in Leroy Merlin in Spain, just to see how much we are being screwed.

    If you can do the job, do it. If you can't do the job, just teach it. If you really suck at it, just become a union executive or politician.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3 SolarVirgin

    Thanks very much for the response.

    Grid Limits: I didn't understand any of that.

    Feed in tarrifs: yes, each supplier I spoke to said they weren't recommending batteries as FIT is better than generally expected. Ref the requirement for a smart meter - is there a downside to this? Is there an installation or other cost associated or are Electric Ireland fitting as a changeover without cost.

    Immersion: we're currently using both a timed immersion and heating. Our heating isn't effective as it's a reasonably old system and requires leaving a valve half open to partially heat water. I think also the circulation pump should be replaced as the last rads on the line aren't heating. System has been bled / balanced etc. Really struggling to get someone who knows what they're talking about to advise on it. Had a couple of visits but no one follows up. So I think that's definitely worth exploring and maybe the kerosene is a cheaper option. I just was hoping that at least for the summer, the solar would supply all the hot water.

    i don't really know if time of day makes much difference in this house for a day / night meter. Happy enough to move off PAYG - it suited for a particular period but could change easily.

    Appreciate your help, cheers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,580 ✭✭✭ graememk

    To expand on grid limits:

    Inverter : thing that turns the solar power DC into AC for the house. 6kW (kiloWatt) is the most that can come out from the inverter, An immersion is about 3kW. Somthing that uses 1 kW (power) for an hour is a kWh (amount of energy) this is also a unit of electric.

    solar panels are usually expressed in kWp (im unsure if its kilowatt peak, or kilowatt (of) panels)

    you can put more than 6kWp of panels on a 6kW inverter, Its just that on the really good days, the top will be cut off your curve.

    this is a day in may, I have 8.4kwp on a 6kw inverter.

    Moving to smart meter/bill pay:

    Need to refer to others, I dont think there is a fee, But have no experience of it. Do have a look around at all the rates etc. You should be able to move from prepay straight to a normal meter.. (and that will likely be a smart meter), Have a look at unit rates and compare.

    quick google flagged this up,a%20credit%20check%20on%20you.

    Oil heating

    Ah Yep, heard of that sort of issue, Oil heating across the country is .. interesting, and a lot of the time its a complete can of worms, And someone could spend a whole day and still not figure stuff out. Yes balancing helps, Swapping to TRVs can also help.. Its V hard to really nail things down.

    There was no such thing as hot water priority or a zoned hot water back in the day.

    But yes, in your instance id recommend an eddi, to run the immersion from the solar, It may take a while to pay back, but will pay in quality of life.

    Get a quote with and without batteries and go from there id say.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14 mingkim

    Would appreciate if someone look at this quote and let me know if it's any good?

    Jinko 405 watt panels x 15,

    6 kw system

    No battery

    Eddie divertor

    Price 13,190 euro

    Less Grant 2400

    Final price 10,790 euro

    Excludes ber cert

    It's a Solis invertor this compatible with ESB networks for exporting to grid?

    Also I'm on a day and night meter which I don't really want to give up forna smart meter.

    Any help appreciated

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,749 ✭✭✭ jkforde

    @mingkim that's expensive tbh, maybe push for a few more panels?, include BER and grant application?, and just make sure they're not gouging on the Eddi price.

    and yes, Solis is a common grid-tie inverter around these parts.. maybe consider pushing for a hybrid inverter as well in case you want a battery later?

    (@Jonathan include in forum sticky?)

    Post edited by jkforde on

    🌦️ 6.7kwp, 45°, SSW, mid-Galway 🌦️

  • Registered Users Posts: 101 ✭✭ bold_defender

    Hi All, a couple of quotes, awaiting one but might go ahead anyway.

    I've a heat pump and contained hot water system so can't use HW diverter/Eddie. House is 2 story with plenty of roof area space and a fairly east west orientation. Chimney at south end of roof though, optimisers to be decided at install.

    All quotes full amount before grant and include VAT.

    Quote 1

    16x400W Canadian Solar PV Panels 6.4kW

    5kW GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter

    9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery Storage

    Quote Total € 15,833.39

    Quote 2

    A 6.56kw east west array ( 8 x 410w panels on each side) with Huawei dual 6kW inverter

       ca. €12K incl VAT

    A Huawei 5.2kW Battery, Power control module, smart power sensor will add ca. €6K incl VAT to this.

    Total €18K (Note, these guys supplied the Heat Pump in house.)

    Quote 3 (winner so far)

    6KMp (16x370w JA panels)

    1 6KW solis hybrid inverter

    5KW dyness battery

    BER NOT included

    €13,150 (I had an August 2022 quote from same company and never proceeded for €12,750)

    I've put this into and saying lower end but could be better.

    Quote only valid for 10 days and estimate late August install!

    Regards battery vs FIT. One thing I was wondering about this is that a battery should provide power immediately after sunset, which during winter might get you over the 5-7 peak charging rate on smart meter? Is this realistic in winter? With a Heat pump a lot of my power consumption is during Winter. Cook between 5-7 with electric most days.

  • Registered Users Posts: 313 ✭✭ The devils

    Bought stuff from leroy before very cheap indeed and delivered 👌

  • Moderators, Education Moderators, Home & Garden Moderators Posts: 7,616 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Jonathan

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,915 ✭✭✭ con747

    Try haggle a bit on quote 3, I think it's the lads that did mine so I can't fault the work. I like the batteries because of load shifting and use in power cuts. If I end up with a smart meter it can be charged during cheap night rates and used during the day. Do your maths and see if it's worth it for your use of it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 100 ✭✭ coin


    I’m in the early stages probably compared to most but want to pull a trigger on PV this year. Have two quotes for 8kw system on an E-W orientation in midlands without batteries. Both quotes include hybrid inverter and control systems. We may look at batteries in the future.

    quote 1:

    14400€ after grant using Huawei components

    quote 2:

    12000€ after grant with solis components.

    The plan is basically just use generated power for appliances etc in the house and to heat the hot water cylinder. It’s a big old farmhouse and average 1000kwh a month.

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. I just hope any installation could be cost effective long term.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 14 mingkim

    Looking into solar PV myself..can't understand why it's so dear....16 [email protected] euro = 3520 euro ,say 800 for a hybrid inverter and 500 for an Eddie....that's 4,820 euro.brakets for hanging panels another day 1000 to be generous that's 5,820 euro and they charging quotes around 13,000 for two days's not adding up ..where am I not seeing things?making 7000 profit for two days work ?? I know they might have a lad or two helping but that can't be more than agee hundred quid ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,388 ✭✭✭ micks_address

    Well a lot of depends.. some installers use scaffolding which automatically adds 1k.. you aren't accounting for electrical parts like switches cabling etc.. plus at 13k you should be talking a battery which might be as much as 5k for 9kwhr you won't buy an Eddi for less than 700 these days unless you can get for trade minus vat

  • Registered Users Posts: 14 mingkim

    Does you have to apply for the grant ? I mean if you got a registered electrician to sign off on the electrics and to fill in the form for exporting to grid you don't really need to apply for the grant ..? Correct ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,089 ✭✭✭ snowcat

    Im the same. I can buy parts for less than 4k and getting quotes of 9k plus. I might get into the business myself.

  • Registered Users Posts: 538 ✭✭✭ tonysopprano

    Here are the price of panels in Spain, retail, so deduct VAT and then deduct a commercial/supplier cut to see a real base price. Then upgrade this to all your supplies to see how much you are being screwed. Have a look at the DIY battery forum to see how much you can save by going the DIY route yourself.

    If you can do the job, do it. If you can't do the job, just teach it. If you really suck at it, just become a union executive or politician.

  • Registered Users Posts: 971 ✭✭✭ Thespoofer

    Quote ,would appreciate opinions.

    9kw ground mounted system

    ( must dig trench myself )

    22 panels

    3.6kw battery

    Hybrid inverter

    Hot water diverter

    €16,900 before grant.

    I'm considering the diy route and having it signed of, with or without grant.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14 mingkim

    Would 30 x 380 watt panels , 2 x 6kw invertors,Eddie,all electrical work and signed off for exporting to the grid and installed ready to go be worth 17,000 euro ? ...that's my budget battery at the moment required as I want to do a diy one .I want to put at least 20 panels on the front of the house and ten at the back .I'm trying to go for the biggest I can without giving the installer most of the money.

    Any advice appreciated thanks

  • Registered Users Posts: 770 ✭✭✭ DC999

    Ignoring cost for now. We’re all capped at exporting 6kW unless we pay for an NC7 form and close to a grand for that process with ESBN afaik. Did you know that? You’ll have 11.4kW of panels. And doing nothing means they can only create a max of 6kW. So during the peak summer months, that’s a lot of wasted capacity. Panels simply won’t convert more than 6kW.

    You get paid FIT of €200 tax free on units you export (if on a smart meter), then pay tax on the balance. Do you use a heap of electricity each year? Unless you’ve large batteries (which you say you won’t for now) and EVs (that are in the drive during the day) to soak it up, you’ll export a lot. No harm in that of course!! Some hear do have systems that size and run electric heaters in winter and have more than 1 EV. So it deffo makes sense to look at a big system. But takes a little more thought.

    Depending on the orientation, you could get ~1.5 times the number of panels to the 6kW output limit. So 8-9kWP (of panels). But the installers would need to confirm the limit or it can kill the inverter.  

    2) Or do you want to go the route to remove the 6kW ESBN limit?

    11.4kW is a heap of panels - good on ya for looking at it.

    3) And design wise, you say 20 on the front and 10 on the back. What direction does each face? Asking as on an E/W split you won’t have both orientations producing at full capacity (as sun isn’t hitting both at same time. I’ve 5kWp on an E/W split and don’t see more than ~3.5kW at a time on the best day). Meaning you can have more panels on E/W than south. Versus those on pure South would be getting much high output. South will always produce the most. I’ve NW really, not W and they hibernate from end Sept to maybe March – sun just won’t hit them. 

  • Registered Users Posts: 285 ✭✭ grimeire

    @mingkim I got qouted not far off your price for similar.

    I got 2 prices for East to west systems. Dont have any roof facing south.

    16 X 420w jinko panels

    JAS hybrid inverter

    €11457 excluding grant discount

    16 X 417w suntech panels

    Huewai hybrid inverter

    €12357 excluding grant discount

    Prices seems inline what others have been quoted. Is the Huewai inverter worth the extra grand?

    Also is this the DIY battery thread people are mentioning? If some one could confirm that would be appreciated.

    Post edited by grimeire on

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  • Registered Users Posts: 285 ✭✭ grimeire

    I dont think a electrian can install as on the grant application they ask for the company to install and you have to select one.

    Have a look at the application for the list of companies that can install.