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Sterling Euro exchange rate

  • 20-11-2021 10:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 17,511 ✭✭✭✭ dxhound2005

    Sterling is around a two year high at present. In the real world, a good value bureau will charge €120.50 for £100. Since the Euro started, on the official exchanges, €1 was able to by as little as 58 Pence (Oct 2000) and as much as 95 Pence (Dec 2008). It came close to that in Aug 2019, 94 Pence. I bought some then at around €110 for £100. I could sell it back now for €115. There are other sites with different figures, one UK site showed €1 trading at 97 Pence in 2008.

    Before the Euro the Irish Pound / Punt traded as high as £1.10 (Nov 1992, Euro equivalent 86 Pence) and as low as 73 Pence (Feb 1981, 58 Pence). There have been predictions of the Euro reaching parity with Sterling, but history does not suggest it will happen. I have some paper Bank of England £20 notes which are being withdrawn in September 2022. I have already been refused in one shop in the North, and in another a manager was called to the till. Lots of other places no problem, but if anyone has some of them at home, it would be a good time to start thinking of getting rid. Also paper £50 notes.