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Which Laptop is best for V-Ray for Sketchup?

  • 11-11-2021 12:26pm
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    Hi folks,

    Nube here. I wanted to see if anyone can offer some advice please.

    I am looking for a suitable laptop to use for work; largely using Sketchup Pro and then rendering using V-Ray. I'm not techy at all when it comes to what makes up a computer and when searching online, the lingo and technical specs confuse me and I get fed up.

    I'm generally an Apple user (not sure how that will be received on this platform!), using a mac mini and monitor at the moment but need something more portable as I tend to move WFH locations during the week (renovating house, puppy at home discovering cables, etc). I sometimes bring the mini into work and plug into work monitor but need a simpler, more portable and less...cable-y solution.

    I don't have a fortune to spend, so don't mind going refurbished or second hand, if it does the job.

    Appreciate any advice, if you are happy to share links, or if you could let me know what to look for (in layman's terms!) please.

    Thanks folks.

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