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  • 06-11-2021 12:58pm
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    You know things are bad when there's no thread. Picked this up as I was sick of Far Cry 6, 30 squid isn't too bad and I'll most likely trade it against BF in a few weeks.

    So after waiting an hour for the install and update, the "campaign" doesn't even download, only MP and zombies. Plus the landing screen has an option for Vanguard, Warzone, Cold War and Modern Warfare. OK.

    No interest in zombies, so played MP. CoD really do love fracturing their player base. All the different gamw types, and now each game type has 3 modes, so 3 times as many playlists. Tactical, small teams and maps, assault is medium and blitz is large.

    Gameplay similar to previous, old guns, levels, challenges etc. Crossplay disabled as I'm sure I've already had games with wall hacks. Watched back replays and no way they would have know I was there.

    Destructible walls everywhere so getting shot from everywhere now. No place is safe really. The dreaded dead silence is there as a perk and gadget... makes no sense to be able to run full pelt and make no noise.

    Plus some LMG thingy let's you highlight enemies you're shooting at. Ah, what year is this set in?!

    Overall, not very impressed. Makes me pine for a IW/AW sequel.


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    Played a bit more. Have decided it's crap. Weapons heavily unbalanced. Apparently, 8 shot from an MG42 is less powerful than 3 shot from the MP40. So SMGs are more powerful than LMGs, even at distance.

    Maps are terrible, getting shot from every direction and every game is one sided. Selecting your preferred style makes no difference, you're in random games in each of the 3 styles. And spawn killing is rife. Doesn't feel like there's lanes.

    Soke of the killstreaks go on way too long, and you can't even see whats happening. For example, the mortar strike lasts about 30 seconds. And the bombing strike seems to just randomly hit people.

    And dead silence is still shyte. The BF beta felt more like CoD than this does.

    Oh, and the prompts to enable cross play are constant. I have it off. Stop asking me to turn it on. And people still don't play the objective.

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    On the other side, I'm quite enjoying it, at least for the next week til 2042 is out.

    Zombies is a trainwreck and unfinished but enjoying some of the new things in multiplayer, operator levels, combat pacing. Game looks well but could have probably done with a few more weeks in the oven, few patches to fix the spawns, camo bugs, and gun balancing. Maybe will get a better perspective when Season 1 launches at start of December.

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    Nah, I'm done with games being released buggy, especially yearly ones. We're making excuses in the hope that it'll get better, but it usually doesn't, or they break something else, or like the last few years only concentrate on keeping the Warzone crowd happy. I hope they completely separate the two from next year, I've no interest in Warzone.

    I also hope they'll get rid of Dead Silence and reduce kill XP in Domination to 10xp per kill, might force people to play the fecking objectives! All Vanguard is doing right now is increasing my stress levels. Trading it in for BF as soon as. And I love picking the assault mode and getting everything except the odd assault mode games.

    Unless next years game is back in the future, or at least looks different, I'll most likely be skipping it again. Only picked up Vanguard because I knew I'd be trading it in and was looking for something shooty.

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    Looks awesome to me. I disliked WWII bar one mission but became quite addicted to the multiplayer to the point where the fast paced pew pew got me into some bad habits for Battlefield 4 that I had to break out of. They need to get rid of zombies though. Zombies is the worst thing to happen to this series.

    The single player for Vanguard looks really good. Looking forward to playing as the Russian sniper and I especially like that the campaign is global as my biggest issue with WWII was that the yankee setting made environments one note. I really should complete some of COD games in my backlog but might get this first.

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    I hadn't played CoD in YEARS, I mean at least 8 years, in the past I've been a pure PC gamer, could never get used to a controller, had to be a keyboard and mouse. I picked up a PS5 last year and have been looking for a new hobby so I picked up Vanguard, I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I thought I'd lose everything once I goto prestige like the old games and stuff like the season pass is a nice way to keep you interested (I got the ultimate edition so I got into that straight away).

    Couple of questions I have thought,

    1. Is there a boards clan?
    2. How do I equip the blueprints? I have a load of them but I can't seem to equip them to the weapons.

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    When you highlight say the mp40 to the right is an armory click X on that and you will see your blueprints. Press X to equip that blueprint

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    Hello. I don't really like playing multiplayer, especially the zombie mode in Call Of Duty, but I've always been impressed by the campaign, here the developers are really trying. The campaign of this game was a pleasant surprise, the plot conveys all the pain of World War II, especially the mission about Stalingrad. Campaigns are definitely +. I also create stories for Instagram. During my work in this field, I have tried millions of editors, but one day I stumbled upon instagram story video maker. And I will say that he has sunk into the soul, because everything is simple, simple interface, high-quality rendering and a cool picture at the output. If you need it, use it.

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    I'm enjoying the multiplayer maps a lot, it's a massive upgrade on Cold War imo.