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Ticket Refunds/Service Charges

  • 01-11-2021 9:47am
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    Hi guys, sorry if this has already been discussed but I can't find anything specific

    Does anyone know how Ticketmaster are handling refunds of cancelled/rescheduled gigs and specifically the service charges?

    Any gig that's been cancelled so far I've received a full refund for - ie ticket price + service charges

    But I recently requested a refund for a gig due to it being rescheduled (Erasure) - I didn't get the service charges back. Tickets for this gig were bought in Sept 2020 so I'm wondering did they not refund the service charge because it was me requesting a refund rather than them cancelling (which I think this is unfair as the date change is out of my control) or if it's something to do with new T&Cs brought in for tickets sold after covid became a thing?


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    I could be incorrect-here, but i recall TM changed their t’s & c’s, such that, for any event booked after, a certain date(mid 2020 i think)the service fees are not refunded, if you request a refund.

    A friend took a refund for Stormzy a few weeks ago, and they got the fees refunded in full, but this was originally booked well before the change in t’s & c’s.

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    Thanks for this!! Will be interesting to see what happens with any gigs announced since covid that are cancelled rather than postponed too!