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Moving accommodation, stressful?

  • 28-10-2021 9:55pm
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    I just got notice from my landlord of intent to sell.

    Apparently the market is hot right now.

    (and honestly I'm not sure if they genuinely intend to sell or this is a salmon-move to oust me, as real estate brokers are basically glorified hustlers in my mind, based purely on experience).

    In any case I have the statutory declaration to hand and a date to pack my belongings and scram.

    This market?

    It's hilariously bad, I mean there's basically nothing available.

    Move will be to Dublin of course, and 1000 euro a month is my upper limit; had a quick browse, some okay 1 bed spots but once I get there I'd imagine they'll be horrendous converted 2x4 basements or something.

    Needless to say Capital Dock or such locations is off the cards given my budget (maybe some day).

    Point being although I have a few months to set my affairs in order, my palms are sweaty, my heart is beating slightly over time, dear lord don't let me end up in Talafornia, having to beat scrotes off my front porch to stop them gratuitously violating my mode of transport (probably a mountain bike chained to a railing).


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    I'm currently going through all this myself. You mentioned 1000 being your upper budget and that is mine as well and I'm earning ok enough money but not great.

    So in case you didn't know, apply for social housing. You can apply if you earn under 35,000 euro after tax. Get your name on the social housing list. Get the application forms and everything you need, proof of address, bank statements, revenue statements, a form for your employer as well. There's alot in it but do it now.

    Once you have your name on the housing list you can apply for HAP, the housing assistance payment. The council will pay some of your rent. With HAP limits not increasing since 2015, it won't cover your whole rent. So you would have to make up the difference to your landlord. But you also pay a weekly contribution to the council. This is normally a percentage of your earnings. In reality when you take in your contribution to the council and the difference to the landlord, it might knock 100 euro per month of the rent for you.

    If it comes to it and you're facing homelessness, the council might be able to increase the HAP payment for you.

    Next, get in touch with threshold for advice and give them your notice letter. They're very good, they can pick up on mistakes in the letter that you might not be able see, and it wouldn't be a valid notice. So you can buy yourself a few more weeks until you get a valid notice without mistakes.

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    ^^ Where are you planning to re-locate to?

    Honestly I'd be open to staying in a commuter town but prices in places like Drogheda are somehow even more extortionate.

    Maynooth etc., nothing doing.

    How students afford 4 years in university paying transgressionary levels of rent with no steady income is an absolute mystery to me.

    Even spots like Mullingar, I know a dude that makes that commute (by car) which shows it's doable, but accommodation there?

    I mean, it's not there.

    I feel like our housing market has become a necropolis of inequity.

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    ^^ I meant to ask also, that point you made about Assistance Payments, if you earn under 35k you're eligible for them?

    I'd imagine that would be most of country, no?

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    Yes that is most of the country. I always knew I was entitled to apply but got the forms a couple of years ago and was turned off with the work involved. It was only when I really had to that I applied. And as far as I know, if you live in your parents house, you can't apply even if you're under 35,000.

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    With your attitude in the last paragraph of your post, I’d say you’ll find it difficult to get anything.

    Not surprised your landlord is “selling up”.

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    Clearly you've never traveled the red-line out that direction.

    If you had you'd know I speak the mind of every potential renter currently looking for accommodation.

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    Just out of curiousity, is it unheard of for a landlord to serve a notice of intent and statutory declaration where it is in fact simply a means to get rid of a tenant?

    I recall reading there can be some stern repercussions for that but I'm sure it happens? (i.e. some landlords take that chance, for whatever reason)

    My letter of intent says the property must be sold within 9 months from the time I'm obliged to have vacated the property.

    Basically what that says to me is, even if they do offer a re-let once I'm gone, it would be so long since my departure I'd be setup elsewhere and there'd be little possibility I'd uproot myself again just to move back in.

    i.e. pretty much a certainty to oust me indefinitely.

    It's not that I second guess the landlords intentions or sincerity, I happen to know they have a very good reason to sell and the market is a sellers one just now, but in the general course of events - would landlords sometimes take this risk?