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Long Term Pricing Structure From Grid

  • 28-10-2021 8:05pm
    Posts: 0 [Deleted User]

    The new smart meter tariffs are alarming. For me it would mean at least a 33% energy cost increase overnight if I was forced to a smart meter. It also will have an effect of the solar and battery setup I will install next year so I want to know where price structure is going.

    Why are these tariffs so cripplingly expensive? Why anyone with a night rate and a heat pump (and EV possibly) should change, those making the biggest investments into reducing CO2 and energy consumption are being punished the most.

    Should we expect our 8c-9c night rate to disappear by 2024? Is there any prospect of a night rate close to the one I'm on now being introduced in smart meter tariffs?

    It's what I rely on to keep energy costs low and it's more than a bit frustrating after installing new heat pumps then be faced with this vast increase in energy costs just a couple of years later. Right now it seems like an excuse to rip people off.


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    obviously nothing will come of venting on here, even if you are preaching to the converted and will gain general sympathy

    get on to your TDs, write to the CRU, Dept. of Energy etc, while your enthusiasm lasts...