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Mature Entry Medicine 2022

  • 24-10-2021 11:43pm
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    Hey everyone!

    I’m 26 and planning on applying to (and hopefully studying!) medicine next year.

    Anyone else applying through this route this year? I’ve seen threads like this for previous years and thought it might be good to open one for the current application cycles. 😊

    Hopefully we can share some tips and help each other out in the process. Who knows, we might be classmates next year!


  • I'll be applying via mature entry this year as well. Likely will apply to all the colleges that take mature students bar trinity as I don't have 2 sciences from Leaving Cert.

  • Nice to meet you! Will this be your first time applying? I’m so clueless with this whole thing other than what information there is on boards. I have no idea where I stand in comparison to other applicants.

  • Hey,

    im applying too, first time too :)

    I’m the same, I’ve no idea where I lie in comparison to other applicants! what’s your background?

  • I applied last year as well, there is good information on last years thread on boards. I'm currently working as a Nurse.

  • Hi Folks!

    I'm working as an Emergency Medical Technician for a Private Ambulance, looking to head to the Paramedics next year as a back up in case I didn't get Medicine because, like everyone else, I don't know where I stand in relation to other applicants!

    I've found the best thing to do is open a line of communication with the colleges you are looking to apply to. Email the mature student offices looking for info on how they handle Mature Medicine, because every college does it a bit different.

    So far i've been in contact with TCD and UCC, and im still waiting on NUIG to get back to me. (No 3rd language so RCSI won't even look at me!)

    TCD weigh their application process 3:1 in relation to the Application Form/Personal Statement to HPAT (75% Application, 25% HPAT). If succesful, you get called for interview/put on a waiting list for an interview.

    UCC are similar enough, while I don't know the exacts because the dude from UCC I was on the phone to didn't know either, they put more emphasis on the Application over the HPAT. One nice thing about UCC is that you can organise a meeting on Microsoft Teams with the Mature Student officer, who can go through the entire thing with you. I still haven't availed of it, because COVID has come out swining recently so im working around the clock, but you can book a slot on the Mature student page on the UCC website!

    And one last thing: The HPAT is being ran online this year. When I started prepping for it I done it all in pen/paper with printouts of questions. I got fairly good at it and was quietly confident I had this in the bag come February. When the news came out it would be all ran online, I decided to quickly familiarise myself with how it would be ran online, and went through a few online test questions (which were the same as the printout questions).

    It was like I was back at square one.

    For some reason reading off a screen, I couldn't parse the information in my head like I could on a printout. Scared the bejesus out of me for a bit, but again, by working through the questions I got used to it again, although it did take a while.

    My advice for the HPAT would be prep for it online. Use online questions, or atleast read the questions off a PDF. It could just be me who had this problem, but I thought i'd say it just in case!

    I hope some of this info helps!

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  • Hey,

    Hope application is going well for you! I have two sciences from leaving cert (phys/chem and biology) but my background is Biochemistry, I have a BSc (Hons) but just achieved a 2.2! Working in a hospital laboratory currently. I also have a grad cert (equivalent to a level 8) add on too, which I got a 2.1 in, focused on the medical sciences.

    I don’t have any real medical experience, as in any patient contact or anything so I fear this may put me at a loss, but we’ll see!

  • Thank you so much for all of this information! With NUIG I think they shortlist you based on your HPAT and the MMI interviews are used in order to choose, I may be wrong though!

  • Hi everyone! I’m hoping to apply too, but am not feeling very hopefully having read all your achievements so far. I didn’t finish school and went to Australia young, I am a qualified pharmacy technician and am a volunteer first aid responder and search and rescue responder. However I don’t think this along with a good HPAT would make the cut? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.