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how to actively remove dead moss from a tarmac driveway?

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    I have a large tarmac driveway. 11 years old. The last 5 years has shown a huge problem with moss growth in shaded areas. Shaded by a wall or just low hitting sun. Its not trees or shrubs.

    I have paid people to remove it in the past using an all singing all dancing biocide. But when it came to getting the dead moss off the tarmac the person failed and said he couldnt do anymore.

    I have used washing powder, salt, back breaking days and weeks brushing . But nothing actually dislodges the dead moss from the tarmac drive.

    I have currently tested all the de moss products in farm shops and stores. literally throwing money away. My problem is not killing the moss, its dislodging the dead moss and removing it.

    I have now used neat bleach on a few test areas ( diluted didnt kill the moss ) . and it kills it nicely in 24 hours. But i have to use the power washer to dislodge it. I know im damaging the tarmac using the power washing so... im slow to go beyond the test square iv worked on.

    Any real ideas for dislodging the dead moss. Wire brushes - iv tried. Iv dont the days and weeks of scrubbing and brushing. hands and knees stuff with a deck scrub even.

    Theres a company "back to black" that for a price can come in using machines with wire brushes and can clean it. But i cant get a timeframe out of him about if it will stay clear or for how long. Is there a re sealer tarmac companies can put down if i do get this company in to clear it?

    real advice appreciated...