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Old bike disposal

  • 07-10-2021 1:19pm
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    Hi, just wondering if anyone here might know where I can get rid of an old bike?

    I seem to remember there was a charity once that would fix up old bikes and then donate them to people, anyone know anything about this?

    Its not in bad shape, probably been outside too much. Seems a shame to dump it.


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    My friend tells me they can still be employed in the porn industry - matures and GILFs

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    Just do what everyone else seems to be doing.

    Put it on donedeal for 750 euro 🙄

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    The rediscovery centre in Ballymun has a bike department that accepts donations to be fixed up and sold on, to find their other schemes.

    Rothar used to be the main one I think but from the looks of it they’ve changed to just a regular bike shop, could be wrong though.

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    If it's in decent condition, the Rediscovery centre in Ballymun might take it, but they had to stop for a while due to too many bikes coming in.

    There are a few people on adverts looking for bikes too for free. Wonder if they want them for scrap metal though> You'd need quite a few to get any sort of money

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    Frontline bikes in Inchicore seem to accept bikes - they train ex-prisoners and people with drug issues as Bike Mechanics using the donated bikes and then the bikes are given to deserving cases I think. I'm about to give one of our old bikes to them.

    I can't post links but frontlne bikes dot com

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    This forum must be the busiest on boards since the change!

    Thanks all, I'll check frontline first, then ballymun, appreciate the replies

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    There's also something called, I think, Bike Hub in Dun Laoghaire that repurposes bikes for refugees.

    Found them:

    @TheBikeHub_ie (Twitter)

    Bikes can change communities and lives. We are a social enterprise that does social good through bikes.

    FB: TBHDublin

    Insta: tbhdub

    linkedin: thebikehub

    2 Queen's Rd, Dun

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    Thanks all.

    Frontline in inchicore took it