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Young double vexed family visiting elderly double faxed relatives

  • 03-10-2021 5:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 41 Dudley Smith

    Our family (father AZ jabbed twice and mother Pfizer X2 plus 7-year-old son) are considering visiting elderly (late 70 y.o. mother and 80+ y.o. father both Pfizer jabbed twice) for the October long weekend.

    What reasonable precautions should we consider? Of note, the father in the visiting group tested weak PCR positive a few months ago (symptomatic mild reinfection) and child was symptomatic first then mother though both mother and son tested PCR negative. We suspect therefore all were naturally infected and thus have “boosted” spike-based to other virus target immune responses. The elderly relatives have no respiratory symptoms before or since vaccination. Elderly father will likely receive vaccine booster and be post 2 weeks on time of visit but not the elderly mother. Both will receive flu jab.

    Any comments or advice greatly appreciated and our three precautions are listed below.

    Many thanks, DudleySmith

    We thought:

    1. no respiratory symptoms in visiting group
    2. antigen negative in visiting group
    3. no school contacts with respiratory symptoms in pod or classmates.
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