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Sheeting gates

  • 01-10-2021 11:04am
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    Have a couple of gates here going into sheds that I want to sheet down this year. What would be the best product to use, I was thinking of using stockbord but have been reading online that it can be prone to warping if the temperatures increase. Anyone any other ideas?


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,256 ✭✭✭ J.O. Farmer

    Stokbord won't warp but it will expand with heat and contract when it cools. The problem is it could shear tech screws doing it.

    The solution is to bore a slightly bigger hole and add a washer if its a problem.

    I wouldn't use anything other than 3mm stokbord. I've seen it on gates with no issues. It's thicker stuff might cause more problems as it gets leverage over the tech screw. It's 9 or 12mm on the topper and tech screws do shear but there's also the pressure from underneath there too.

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    After seen my neighbour do it, I used stockboard held on with plenty of strong cable ties. Drill holes on the board and tie in. The board expands and contracts away and there is no rusting on the gate, where it is drilled.

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    U could buy mesh too. Its handy and cheaper if its for sheep. Cable ties it in no problem.

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    With the stock board u drill a hole first slightly bigger that the tec screw hole , that allows movement

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