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Time limit for decision and implications

  • 28-09-2021 9:08pm
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    If the PA does not make a decision to refuse or grant within the stated time and has not communicated in any way with the applicant including FI request, what is/are the implication/s for the applicant? Has this ever happened?


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    2 different questions at play here.

    not making a decision within the 8 weeks is a problem, but, you’ll find the decision was made and the delay is in the administration process of preparing the managers order in order to issue the notification of decision.

    now the FI, was the FI request made within the 8 weeks?

    they must respond to the FI submission within 4 weeks.

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    how far beyond the date of decision are we talking about here?

    a decision may have been made on or before the date of decision, but just not administered and sent out.

    its my understanding though that an FI would have to have been received by the applicant (or agent) before the close of business on the date of decision)

    ive had FIs emailed to me, and I've had council employees literally drive to my office to hand over an FI request

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    Decision date was Monday- online file updated Tuesday to say its FI'd. Nothing received by cob yesterday. I would have thought it would have been received by yesterday at the latest even if by hand.

    Thanks for both replies.