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DPF question

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    hi folks,will be getting a 2016 toyota rav4 2 lt diesel soon,just a question about the dpf filter,if the dashboard light comes on,is that a warning to clean it (take it for a long drive)or is it shagged and will need replacing,new to diesels,thanks


  • It is impossible to say the DPF is gone or just need a regeneration. Do not buy the car without knowing exactly the problem. Just it can be expensive mistake

  • a lot of DPF problems seem to relate to lack of driving at sufficient speed for the system to self clean. A longish drive at sufficient revs might clear it or you could bring it to a garage who can hook it up to a computer and do what they call a forced regeneration. This worked for my last car (2016 CRV) but I also had to get a new sensor fitted as the fault came back. Cost about €300 all in but a new dpf is a lot more. I suggest you bring it to a good garage and get them to check it out but more important do you really need a diesel -plenty o threads on here with good info.

  • If your worried about the DPF giving trouble from your driving style or having to go out of your way to drive it properly then a diesel is probably not the best choice of car for you.