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Wedding Venue...I need help!

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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any chance you can help me out... I'm kind of struggling with finding a venue that I like... I'm constantly changing my mind because I haven't seen any thing yet that I really loved. Where do yous get your inspiration from? Instagram? Pinterest? Any recommendations of good accounts? Or did you just google it or use a wedding planner? Thank you so much for your help <3 I really appreciate it!


  • So I think the first thing is probably to figure out generally what you like. For us when we were picking we ruled out castles and country houses. They just aren’t us. We both loved the idea of getting married by the sea so that was where we focused our search. We also thought about hotel or a venue hire. Put together a rough guest list. How many guests? How many of them will need overnight accommodation. This will definitely help you rule out venues. Don’t forget most importantly is your budget no point falling in love with a venue costing €90 pp if your budget can only afford €50 pp.

    Once we had a rough idea of what we were going for and have googled looking for reviews we went to the venue to have a nosy around the place and if we liked it then organised to meet the wedding coordinator. Seeing the venue set up for a wedding makes a huge difference. Pinterest is great for wedding inspiration

    Best of luck OP.

  • Any idea's of what type of wedding ,where or budgets

    We went to see a good few of different type's of places and then kind of just got drawn to the one we wanted ,

  • We had a general idea that we didn't want something that looked too much like a function room. So that's where we looked, websites mainly and went to see them. You really need to see them in person to know whether it's right. I brushed off the venue we went with from the internet but in person it was what we were looking for.

  • Photographers websites are usually good as they always show off the best venues on their sites.

    Ultimately you need to narrow it down to a hotel/function room wedding or a country/Manor House dedicated space. I'll stress having gone through this process at the start of the year, don't rush this step, every type of venue has pros and cons. Some venues require more work in terms of certain things (i.e. a hotel is generally better if you have a lot of elderly or mobility constrained people) this isn't true of every venue but it's these types of things to watch out for especially.

    For the reason above and living near a fairly nice hotel we decided against the Manor House style as accessibility can be a thing and your guests comfort is the last thing you want to have in the back of your mind.

  • "Ultimately you need to narrow it down to a hotel/function room wedding or a country/Manor House dedicated space."

    Don't forget restaurants! That's what we focused on. We wanted relatively small numbers and really good food. We're not big fans of hotel weddings. Country houses can be beautiful, but outrageously expensive. A restaurant was a good choice for the vibe we wanted and the smaller numbers. We choose the Anglers Rest and had the whole upstairs area to ourselves (ceremony room, bar, drinks reception/dancing area, dining room and terrace).

    We also seriously considered Marco Pierre White in Donnybrook. But we wouldn't have had the numbers to book the whole place out. We would've had a smaller room and had to share the outdoor space with diners.

    The only thing with restaurants is that there's no accommodation on site. It wasn't an issue for us, but I know it's a deal breaker for some.

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