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SF clr differing approaches on remembrance

  • 20-09-2021 7:03pm
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    A decision to erect the plaque was made by the Dublin City Council Commemorations & Naming Committee, whose chair, is councillor Michael Mac Donncha

    He was present at the unveiling of a plaque to Anna Parnell of the ladies land league.

    Which is fair enough. But I was struck how only a month or so earlier the very same councillor Mac Donncha did not attend a plaque naming for Gardai killed by the IRA in 1940

    Det Sgt Patrick McKeown and Det Garda Richard Hyland who were shot by IRA members Patrick McGrath and Thomas Harte during a raid in Rathmines on August 16th, 1940.

    Protocol dictated that either Michael Mac Donncha attended or a representative go in his place. Neither was done Michael Mac Donncha excused his non attendance that he was ‘not scheduled’ to attend.

    It is interesting to contrast the differing approaches of the same SF clr, to the two separate plaque unveiling’s.

    A more cynical person might argue that Mr MacDonnacha has let his political views compromise his position of chair in the naming committee. In light of the two contrasting reactions to both plaques.

    MacDonnacha’s further comments indicate his delicate position on the latter Plaque for the Gardai killed in the line of duty in 1940. Note the use of the language -

    “Two gardaí died in the course of their duties. Two republicans were also executed and we would pay tribute to them. Due to the political and legal regime at the time they didn’t receive justice,” he said “They were subjected to summary justice.”

    When asked if there should be a plaque to the two republicans, he said they were “honoured in their own way”. —


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    Unbelievable stuff in this day and age.

    While nobody would condone the summary justice afforded to the two IRA criminal thugs, at the time Sinn Fein and the IRA were aligning themselves through Russell, Ryan and O'Donovan with the Nazi regime in Germany. The country was living through some difficult times and what happened is understandable, though repulsive by modern standards. Even so, the murder of two Gardai by the IRA was even more repulsive.

    However, those remarks by MacDonncha, some 50 years later are crass, to say the least. The two Gardai were performing their duty to this State when they were summarily executed by the IRA. The two IRA criminals, by contrast, were part of an organisation seeking to undermine the State through an alliance with Germany. That he would refuse to attend the plaque unveiling for the Gardai but confirm that he was willing to pay tribute to the IRA men is just mind-boggling.

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    It is the language and obfuscation that annoys me you have to 'read between the lines'. Nothing is said outright, it is done with a smirk and a nod and a wink. It ties in with the other Remembrance thread on Michael D. which is what made me think of it. A lot of dancing around issues and messing, playing with words (both sides).

    I actually would have more respect for MacDonnacha if he used the old adage of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' in describing the unofficial IRA's attitude in the 1940's and it's alliance with Germany. And if he said he was not attending because of his Republican sentiments. It would at least be honest and open. The guy is a historian he knows exactly what he is doing.