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Which is best airsoft sniper?

  • 20-09-2021 4:45am
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    According to your experience which sniper is Great. Electric airsoft sniper/ gas Airsoft sniper/ spring sniper


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    I'll preface this by saying I have rarely taken a bolt-action rifle to the field, but a) this topic has come up often enough in the past, b) the missus has been fielding sniper rifles longer than I've known her and c) having spent several years as a marshal in the UK I would like to think I have an informed opinion on the above question.

    First things first - the elephant in the room. Under Irish law, 1j is your limit regardless of type of airsoft gun.

    Second; sniping in airsoft terms is more about fieldcraft - i.e. how to be a sneaky ninja and not be seen - then about your choice of rifle. If you have fantasy visions of being Mark Whalberg in Shooter then let me stop you right there; you'll be more like the kid in McDonalds firing rolled up paper balls out of a straw by comparison. If you are iimpatient & prone to implusive action, or want to run & gun, then "sniping" may also not be for you. Some of the best plays I have seen from "snipers" have involved pistols and firing when everyone is distracted by someone else shooting and not looking in their direction; the sniper in full Ghillie suit at an event in Sweden who lay in cover alongside a near full platoon-strength number of an opposing faction and had them all thinking there was a sniper in the treeline when it was him all along with his pistol shooting when nobody was looking; or my missus hiding under a pile of netting in plain-view at an INDOOR CQB game and had a bunch of guys running around confused for several minutes trying to find the last enemy player as she would occasionally pop a shot off with her silenced pistol at them.

    So, with all that out of the way your options are:

    • Spring - most consistent performance.
    • Gas - can be good, but inconsistent given typical Irish climate.
    • AEG - given Irish law, just a noisier, semi auto/full auto select-able version of either of the above, also requiring a battery.

    Over the years the platform that keeps coming up is the Tokyo Marui VSR10 G-spec (there are some clones, names of which escape me). Spring, bolt-action, stable and upgrade-able. But it all depends on what rifle looks the best to you. As I said at the start, given Irish law, you are constrained to 1j, so it comes down to what do you like the look of the best that meets your play-style.

    Edit: Saw this before I saw the other thread looking for advice for your son. The general points still stand although I am open to correction. I shall leave it to others more well versed in various options of rifle as to what might be suitable for your son.

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