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S40 anti skid service required timing belt?

  • 17-09-2021 7:51pm
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    Hi all,

    Partner was driving our 06 s40 1.6 petrol then the anti skid service required came up on the screen, engine cut out instantly. Car would crank but wouldn't start.

    AA came out to her and said the cams arent moving when she attempts to crank so said timing belt snapped.

    Belt was changed 9 months ago at 56k miles, car has 63k miles now.

    Car was towed to mechanic who changed belt, he would be able to look at it till Monday.

    Anyway does it sound like timing belt or something else? Coincidence with the anti skid service required light?


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    Coincidence with the anti skid service required, that wouldn't have anything to do with the timing belt I would think.

    I have an anti skid service light on my 07 S60 for the past few weeks (thread below with likely causes). In my case I can reset the light but it reappears when I do a hard left turn (usually when parking given the poor turning circle on the S60 in particular) so that indicates a segment of the steering angle sensor has gone bad.


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    Mechanic finally got back to me.

    He said crank shaft pulley broke.

    Could this have been something he should of picked up on when doing timing belt?

    Can't find much about crank shaft pulleys just breaking.

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    They would commonly separate, they are made from a steel and rubber sandwich. It would not be normal to change while doing timing belt