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Traditions That Should Be Consigned to the Dustbin of History

  • 16-09-2021 3:41pm
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    The shocking slaughter of 1,500 dolphins in the Faroe Islands - rightly gathering international condemnation for its scale and savagery - has got me thinking of supposed “traditions” of countries and regions that are harmful and regressive.

    Animal rights activists, environmentalists and many others have rightly condemned both the Faroe Islands and Denmark for this despicable display of wanton savagery. I know that whaling is supposed to be a “fundamental” part of the traditions of some sea-faring countries, such as Japan and Norway, but the scale of this mass killing of dolphins takes the cruelty to a whole new level. 😡🤬🤬😡😢

    What of other certain “traditions” around the globe that are clearly damaging and harmful, such as Female Genital Mutilation in much of Eastern and Northern Africa, where millions of girls and women have their lives destroyed? Or male circumcision among Jews and Muslims and many other vile, abhorrent and barbaric practices that have no place in the 21st Century. 

    Here in Ireland we still have the despicable blood sport of hare coursing in many rural areas (the dogs are supposed to be muzzled now) and in England the long-standing tradition of live fox hunting was banned to much controversy and uproar. 

    Does anyone else think that certain traditions that are unacceptable to modern society should be stamped out? Or instead - that by respecting cultural differences means that we have to tolerate these practices for the sake of good diplomacy and international relations?