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2 Airsoft blowback pistols

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    Have two airsoft blowback pistols to sell. First one is the Kwc Colt 1911a1 co2 blowback pistol with one leak free single stack mag, 5 co2 capsules and 100bbs in original box. Gun is in mint condition and shoots at 320fps max. Second one - WE P Virus Sig f226 Resident Evil 6 pistol replica with one leak free extended 33 round green gas mag, metal compensator, 5 target cards in original box and 1 80% full bottle of green gas. Gun is in mint condition and shoots at 295fps max. Prices: Kwc Colt 1911 - 125 euro, WE P Virus - 130. Or both for 240 collection or can post at extra cost. Based in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.