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What is an "anti-vaxxer"?

  • 15-09-2021 1:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 16 Melanie1990

    The term "anti-vaxxer" has recently become synonymous with uneducated, unemployed, layabout, conspiracy theorist...

    Media outlets are using quotes from politicians such as "those who choose not to get a vaccine are putting public health at risk", "a slap in the face" if getting a vaccine is a cure-all and those who don't take it are public enemy number one. I'd like to remind everyone of the below points regarding vaccination:

    1. It reduces the symptoms for the person vaccinated.
    2. It does not prevent a vaccinated person from infecting another person, vaccinated or not.

    This holier-than-thou mentality towards vaccination is creating a massive divide in society. It is not unlike the fear of coming out, the fear of stigma and judgement, and in extreme cases, violence.

    We know that this kind of thinking is dangerous in the extreme. We've seen it throughout history with the LGBT+ community, the holocaust, apartheid... And yet it is still being encouraged by the government, by the media, and by the social media platforms who (spoiler alert) are paid to run whatever ad campaigns they are paid to, regardless if the information is correct or morally right. We are making the same mistakes all over again!

    There are plenty of hard-working contributing members of society who choose not to get a vaccine for varying reasons. Perhaps existing medication or ailments don't allow for a vaccine, a woman trying to get pregnant might be reluctant to take a vaccine (remember the Anti-D scandal...), or maybe someone who isn't dying to get back to the pubs, who doesn't regularly flush their body with toxins and depressants (which is a killer for the immune system btw), is already healthy enough to fight off illnesses and doesn't want to expose themselves to a deadly virus via vaccination.

    So I would ask, when is it going to change from them and us, from the vaccinated and the blanketed "anti-vaxxers"? Or will it simply get worse, and if it does, what are we dooming ouselves towards..?

    It seems that the boat we were all in together has hit a reef :(


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