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A doctor's failure to diagnose cancer.

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    "A terminally ill Mayo mother who came home from Australia to die has said she feels let down by the Irish health system.

    Meabh Feerick from Ballinrobe was diagnosed with advanced and aggressive melanoma, a form of skin cancer, in December 2020, while living and working in Homebush, Sydney. At the time of her diagnosis, 25-year-old Meabh was busy raising her three-year-old son, Noah, and enjoying life in Oz when her world was shattered by a small lump on the back of her scalp.

    Maebh said she saw a doctor about the lump at least five or six times over the previous two years, but was repeatedly assured it was nothing more than a wart or cyst. She pushed for further testing as the lump continued to grow and became painful to touch. She was devastated to discover her suspicions were correct when a biopsy revealed the lump to be stage four melanoma and her condition was incurable."

    The cyber-attack on the HSE meant that doctors here couldn't access the documentation about Meabh's care in Australia - she had saved it on a USB stick. Her oncologist in Galway told her that she has 3 to 5 months to live.

    Meabh said that one nurse in Ireland is doing the work of five nurses in Australia and that she would have had better options if she had stayed in Australia.

    But why would a doctor who is regarded as competent - whether in Ireland or in Australia - assume that a lump is only a wart or a cyst? The fact that this catastrophically false assumption took place in Australia puts a question mark on the quality of healthcare in that country.


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