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Deportation due to Subversive Activities

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    I am hoping someone is able to point me in the right direction. My Grandmother was deported from England back to ireland in the 1940s due to republican activity in Birmingham. I am curious about this and would like to see if anything has been printed or even recorded in official Irish or British gov. documentation about this.

    I have done the obligatory gooole search but nothing has come up. Where would be a good place to start searching?



  • The National Archives might have a mention of her.

    I would also try the Irish News Archive - it's a subscription site but free in many libraries.

  • Hermy, thanks for the help. I had a thorough search and couldn't find anything. I'm going to try and look through British newspaper archives next.

    Any recommendations from anyone?

  • I'm not sure what UK ministry would cover it but it strikes me that you'd have a better chance in UK records. Maybe start with the National Archives catalogue. Might be something to do Freedom of Information request on.

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  • Thanks pinkypinky. From what I have experienced so far there' a lot of research to find little bits of information. I have discovered that any Irish citizen working in factories connected to the war effort were put on a register. The British were worried about Republicans working on behalf of Germany and there logic was that this was the best way to keep track of any subversives.