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Starting new job but have doubts

  • 07-09-2021 2:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 43 chrisfroome

    I would like to hear people's opinions on this matter.

    I had a interview 2 weeks ago with a small but respectible foreign exchange company. After 1 day the manager who I had the conversation advised that he was very pleased with the interview, my experience and wanted to make me an offer on my terms starting next Monday on the 13th. I was shocked at the speed of it. The interview only lasted 40 minutes. The company have an office in Dublin City.

    It is almost 6 months since I was offered redundancy in my previous company. I worked for a short time during the Summer in a toxic environment in another company which is based in Canada. I have done research on the company and I have seen no bad reviews etc. I realize that I am taking a change but since nothing else is definitely in the pipeline and the terms are good, part of me is thinking to give it a try and see what opportunities come out of it. Part of me is also saying that the whole process is going too fast.

    Am I over-analysising things?


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    double post...don't know why

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    Yes, you are over analysing.

    If you don't have any other job, give this one a go: you have nothing to lose.

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    There's a shortage of staff in lots of roles, at the end of the day they can sack you in 6 months if you don't perform as expected, not too much at risk on their side. I myself could never really understand the need for 2 and 3 interviews for a role.

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    find somebody on linkedin who used to work there and ask them if they would mind taking a call with you to get an opinion on what it's like

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    Don't since you have no way of knowing there reason for leaving and you also have no way of knowing if your approach will get back.

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    approach could be made without giving away the exact purpose

    find someone who moved on due to an obvious job title promotion

    the offer has been made already -> it's simply due diligence

    references should be checked both by the employer and the employee sides if there is doubt

    amazing how many people will spend ages researching buying their new tv set but do very little research about a new job situation

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    Shortage of staff, they see you as the most qualified and they are diving on you to make sure you aren't snapped up by someone else.

    If it doesn't work out, you'll get a new job no problem so don't worry.

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    Thanks for all your comments. I have reached out to 2 former employees. I apologized for contacting them and asked them if they could have a quick chat about their experience/what to expect.

    One has come back already advising no problem at all and she is willing to have a chat but also advised she loved the company.

    It has been something I was thinking of and contacting former employees has been mentioned in Linkedin recently as happening more and more as new employees try to find out what they are getting into.

    Hopefully, it will not get me in trouble but feel that I need to be brave in the circumstances!

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    Shouldn't be an issue at all really

    As said employers check references either formally or informally so it's ok to do the same, especially as you have an offer already

    If anything shows that you're serious about the position