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    Hi folks,

    Recently moved to the Kinsealy area and there's a BikeRowSki studio nearby! Does anyone have any experience with BikeRowSki and would they recommend it? Similarly, would this benefit my running in any way, I'll be joining an athletics club again soon so want to see if there's any benefits!

    Thanks as always!


  • dont know anything about it, but it looks fun, I like using the rower so a group session of that would be worth a try. Any benefits would be indirect, running in an impact sport whereas the other arent so the carry over is limited. Still worth doing going into the winter, nice to have something that isnt weather dependant.

  • I go and I love it. There's a team element to it, there's a competitive element to it, lots of sweating and in general, you feel great after. It's non-impact too so not too strenuous.

    Our instructors are really into it so make it fun and energetic.