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Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has died :(


  • Yeah great entertainer and taken way too early. I hope it urges more people to be more aware of Cancer. Very sad story.

  • Very sad to hear the news about Sarah today. Such a beautiful bright lady who has gone far too soon. May she Rest In Peace.

  • Very tragic. I was sorry to hear her reveal her cancer diagnosis earlier on during the year when she said she wouldn't make it past Christmas. Rest in Peace.

  • Very sad and tragic to see a young life such as Sarah Harding's come to a premature and untimely end. Cancer is an absolute bitch. My dear cousin Geraldine also lost her battle with breast cancer 12 years ago at about the same age.

    Rest In Peace Sarah.

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  • It’s such a weird disease... most medical people who work in the field of cancer are pretty much resigned that there will and can never be total ‘cure’ for it. Just better treatments and so on, including better surgical options to remove tumors.

  • Very tragic for such a young person to die from this disease. One thing I learned, as a man, was she seemingly found a lump under her armpit iirc. I never knew that was a indication of breast cancer.

  • So very sad, and it is kind of shocking to hear of such a young woman dying of breast cancer.

    Which raises the question in my mind, at what age should women begin having routine mammograms as well as obviously self-examination?

    I only had my first earlier this year, (via Breast Check) and I am 50+

  • A member here was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in her early 30s. She has been very vocal on other social media about young women being told they're too young, because even though it's rare, it can happen. I knew a woman who died at 32 from it. I think we should at least start checking our breasts in our 20s. Screening mid 30s imo.

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  • I recently heard that two ladies I went to school with died within a year of each other from cancer a few years ago - they were best of friends from the age of four and both mothers - both diagnosed in their mid 30s.

    Really hard to believe.