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Connector conundrum!

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    Registered Users Posts: 16 paolouno

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to undo this connector, which is probably extremely simple - I've tried a firm pull on the small 'plug' at the end of the two wires on the left of the picture but no joy. Does it need to be released/unclipped

    some other way? I've been reluctant to use too much force so far in case I damage something... help much appreciated!

    Thanks :)


  • A tab on the top of the left hand plug seems to be missing.Is there any "squeezing" on the edges to loosen it?

  • Thanks for the suggestion - there didn’t seem to be any squeezing possible. I see what you mean about a missing tab but it’s hard to tell if there ever was one - the thing on the bottom is just a very flimsy piece of plastic.

    I'm sure it’s easy when you know how bit I’m still stuck!

  • You see the white dot just near the Audi sign - can you press that down, or press the white tab further down?

  • You just need to push up the tab sticking out under the wires on the left side of photo.

    Push fitting together as you do it to try to help with the release.

    A very small screw driver in beside that tab might help if not successful.

  • Brilliant, thanks everyone - got it out eventually with a combination of the above. Help much appreciated!

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