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Need to leave jobsharing

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    I feel really awful, but due to a horrific (out of the blue) relationship breakdown, I can’t afford to continue jobsharing this year, is there anything I can do at this point?



  • I don’t think you can go back full time until the 1st September next year.

    Can you make yourself available for extra classes and you get paid your personal hourly rate?

    Also do extra yard supervision?

  • Just looked up circular point 5.5


    ”In exceptional circumstances, the employer may permit a Job Sharing teacher to withdraw from the Job Sharing Scheme and return to his/her original teaching post earlier than expected if he/she can be accommodated within the approved staffing allocation, subject to contractual arrangements. However, such an application may not be considered beyond 1st November.”

    Best of luck

  • Talk to your principal. If you can't go back to full time teaching, you can do subbing and lord knows there is plenty of that. I hope you are okay and I'm sorry that this has happened to you. If you do go back to full hours and are struggling with workload for whatever reason, please PM me and if I can help you out in the way of resources in any way, I would be more than happy to do so. My subjects are English and Spanish.