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How do you stop spending on Xbox?

  • 04-09-2021 9:02pm
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    Hi all,

    a few general questions……son has Xbox around a year and I set up an initial account for him with my Debit Card details….allowed him to get Gamepass Ultimate…..the problem with that account is that he changed the password on it….and the fee for the gamepass is still coming out of my account every month….Just wondering is there any ‘work around’ I could do to stop this payment continuing to come out from this essentially ‘dead’ account as my son can’t remember the new password he put on it so we can’t access it….for example…..if I delete the ‘ dead’ account would it stop any payment going out to it?

    I set up a new account for him with same debit card details… works fine…..he has gamepass Ultimate on it now as well.

    The debit card paying out on both accounts is due to expire at the end of September……does that mean that the monthly amount coming out for the Gamepass Ultimate will cease to come out of the ‘dead’ account………hope to God that is the case!

    Hope my questions make sense and thanks for any replies.