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Light switch has reversed itself

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    Hi guys, looking for advice please.

    Family bathroom has one light switch and also one switch for a fan above it. When the fan switch is in the on position the fan will come on when we turn on the light in the bathroom. It's always worked just fine.

    It's not a situation in a landing or something where there may be two light switches at different locations. There is just one light switch and one fan switch.

    So anyway, standing there this morning baby beside me jumping around on the landing and the light flickers and goes on in the bathroom even though the switch is at the typical off position.

    Scatched my head and flipped the switch the other way and light goes off even though the switch is now in the typical on position. It has completely reversed itself.

    Turned off the power, opened socket up and inspected the wires. Everything looks grand. Made sure everything was connected firmly. Power back on and again the light is still only coming on when the switch is in the typical off position.

    Power off again, and I just roatated the light switch fitting and screwed it back in to the wall. Now the switch is back to going on in the correct position. The fan is coming on when the light is on, so happy days.

    Question is what has happened here? It's a new build. Wired only three years ago. Also I assume it's ok I rotated the socket face ? There was enough room and flexibility to do so, so I didn't see the harm and now the switch is working the right way again.

    Lastly, should I replace the whole light switch if there may be an issue? I am I ok to just leave it now?

    Any advice appreciated.

    Thank you