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Sounds of the city (England)

  • 01-09-2021 7:43am
    Registered Users Posts: 819 ✭✭✭ EDit

    Anyone else heading over for one of the Sounds of the city events in Manchester this month?

    I’m going over late in September and the info re: proof of covid negativity is really confusing for EU-based ticket holders. For example, this page ( suggests that there is a way to register the EU vaccination cert (ie, proof that you are double jabbed) with the NHS and to get some sort of NHS-based proof for entry to the event. However, when you click on the link provided it just takes you to the general page for registering a lateral flow test result with the NHS… this suggests that the EU vaccination cert is not being recognised in England and I need to do a test when i get over there.

    Anyone else going over and similarly confused as to the requirements?


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    not sure about this festival but belsonic in belfast have on their website that they are accepting eu covid cert for rep ireland ticket holders.... maybe try contact them on social media and see?

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    Yep . Its nuts , they are posting information that is contradicting themselves . This is the section that's throwing me

    Otherwise ticket holders – including international and those from Northern Ireland - will be required to provide evidence of a negative NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Test, by reporting the result here and presenting your NHS email or text notification at entry.

    A positive result from an NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Test means it’s likely you had coronavirus when the test was done. You and anyone you live with must not attend and self-isolate immediately. You are then advised to get a NHS PCR test to confirm your result as soon as possible.

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    Thanks for your PM exilec… did some digging and found that you can get the NHS notification quite easily.

    As fortune would have it, i was over in England visiting family this weekend just gone and i picked up some of the free NHS lateral flow tests from a pharmacy. i just did a test here (in Ireland) and then filled out the online form (here: ) using my hotel in Manchester as my address, saying no to having an NHS number, and inputting my irish telephone number (using ‘0035385xxxxx’ style) and email address. Within 5 mins, i received both an email and text from NHS confirming i am negative. Assuming you have time over there before you go to the gig, i’d suggest you grab some NHS tests* from a pharmacy when you get there and do the online form. While the event may still accept the EU certificate, having the NHS email/text is a good back-up in case they don’t (or you get a staff member who didn’t get the memo)

    Hope this helps 😀

    *FYI, it has to be a NHS test as each one has a unique id code that you have to enter on the online form. They are, however, free and should be available from any pharmacy in the UK

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    Thanks for that , Great info . Going over the night before the gig so it should be handy to sort out .