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Tuesday 31st August

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    Few really good late bets. Nice bit of info and they should get the job done.

    7.30 N Abbot, Ruthless Article, around 6/4 on the exchange currently. My biggest win bet in a long time. I've backed this horse earlier at much shorter odds, I'm going in again now for seconds. Horse is currently second fav and connections have backed it here too. Oul Sean Bowen didn't have a great last few days but if he keeps this simple the horse will win. Easily a max win bet here.


  • 7.37 Finger Lakes, Inalienable Rights, around 6/5 but can't see it winning here. Confident lay bet here. I think we saw the best of the horses form for the time being. Something will beat it here.

    7.45 Hexham, Abington Park. Horse is around 11/4 but I have it priced @ around 12/1 and don't give it much chance of being even placed, never mind winning the race. Laying 3 places @ 4/6 - 8/11. Can't see it being placed here at all.